Balance Refresh

Is it possible to have the balance of my wallet app refresh in the background at least once a day? Sometimes I don’t login for weeks just to see if it will auto refresh when I login. But my balance is old and doesn’t capture the deposits from external sources like from a mining pool. So if I open the app and go to my wallet, and click the refresh button it doesn’t refresh from external sources. I sat there for several minutes and nothing. I have to click on the notification button and then click refresh inside there for it to refresh. Once I do that then I have to wait a few minutes for it to finally refresh. That is way too many clicks and waiting for a simple task such as “see my updated balance”. Imagine if I had to go through this many clicks for my banking app and wait a few minutes to refresh? I understand blockchain is slower but a simple refresh in the background once a day would solve that. This has been an annoying issue since the app was first available and I had hoped it would be solved but apparently not. This is a low hanging fruit that would be easy to implement. Please add balance refresh automatically to happen once a day in the background of the app.

Thank you

I agree this is a desirable feature to have. For those with limited data a case can be made for leaving it the way it is. If added it should be an optional feature the user could decide to turn on. I honestly do not know what sort of bandwidth is used on the user side to get a balance update.

I would have thought that it could be something that happens in the cloud and then when you open the app on your phone it’s already updated

Yeh they can make an option to enable or not. It’s quite an easy feature to add since the function to do the refresh is already written. They just need to build option to trigger it once a day. If users are concerned about bandwidth then add option to only update once a day when wifi is available. I see this option in other apps so it should be possible and easy to do.

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