Bakkt and Starbucks , Threat to Electroneum?

So Bakkt is partnered with Starbucks who have 15 million downloads on their mobile app and when Bakkt goes live Microsoft will be rolling out BTC acceptance on those 15 million Starbucks mobile apps for crypto micro transaction ! could this be our first real competition !

No it won’t affect us ,by the way they can have more than 1 payment options


Very good point.
In the long run it comes to the transaction fees for the customer in making the choice of payment.
Electroneum wins hands down on transasction speed and fees.
No competition…


Absolutely and as time goes on more and more vibrant things will come


Also remember they still have to buy BTC to use it. They are rewarded and can earn ETN.
Again history has repeatedly shown whether it is through free trials, giveaways, affiliations etc the most powerful aspect of adoption is getting it in peoples hands without them having to make a purchase decision initially. Who else has that


Nobody has got anything close to what Electroneum has.
Nowhere near as robust and funtional.
Thanks to Everyone on the Electroneum team on their perseverance and long hours and making this project the first of its kind


I agree to this wholeheartedly , i guess the only other step is to make the Electroneum brand as popular as Bitcoin as BTC has been the poster child for the entire space and is usually on the tip of the tounges of those not initiated with crypto ( general public ) when asked about crypto ! The relevance of a item is also in its notoriety which i see ETN growing in each and every day. I feel confident that ETN will be referenced by the non crypto Mass of people going forward as much as they reference Bitcoin in regards to crypto !

Due to the ETN model which is aiming for the mass mainstream 99% this should be the case , exciting times ahead !


Bakkt and other financial institutional instrument will be active in this new industry and will adapt after how markets develop. Starbucks are not available in my town, and I guess this is not the only town without Starbucks. It took BTC 10 years to develop from nothing to be starting the next level. In many ways ETN is there to after 1 year, we are moving a lot quicker than BTC. Crypto is a race to get the network effect first and the coins that is starting to get that effect is BTC and XRP, I do believe we can catch up if we push hard thru December and January to get a higher user number. Most of us are investors and bought ETN to get rich in a minute, but the world is not like that. We need as investors to help this project succeed the way we can. We need to use the coin and push ETN to new people, because we are the one that can do it. If we set back behind the desk and only push refresh on CMC we only will stop believing and be a FUDer. Many evenings I have being siting at home or at friends and helping them to set up a wallet, buy ETN and learning them all the things they need to get in to crypto. This have being a heavy task and for now we want get mass adoption with this infrastructure and BTC are not much closer then ETN.

Fore Cryptos to be available everything needs to be easier and it needs to be done in one app. ETN wants to be the Apple in cryptos when it comes to user friendliness and I think that is one key we need to have to open the treasure chest. The next key is regulations because only a regulated marked can work, and we are on that path with KYC/AML. I don’t fear competition from XRP or BTC because they are to totally different coins to each other and they can thrive in the same environment being so different, ETN got the best from all of them and a lot more, off course we will thrive with those coins and along with them.

In some months cryptos will enter a bull market, howe many will be using BTC fore buying coffee at Starbucks when they see the price go up and they are better off keeping them? And the same thing goes for ETN you my think, and I must disagree. ETN are giving people free coins to pay parts of the mobile bill and that will bring benefits fore using ETN, and that is one of the most important things with ETN, it is designed to be a benefit when used, If you get 10% off by using ETN it is a huge benefit regardless price actions from day to day. When the bear market comes and the price goes down 5X are you still want to use the BTC to buy coffee from you’re BTC you bought a month a go?. Same story as above for ETN and we got more coins so the swing in price will be less I belive after we go live.

Fore me it is the core design of the approach to this new market thats matter for me and the knowledge and power to take action when it is a must, and guess what! ETN is most likely a coin that got that team that can do it. Now is the time for us in the community to work harder to secure our investment by getting more users in ETN and educate new users to use ETN and be comfy in a crypto market. We need that everybody helps a new user every week, meet people, hold their hands while getting a few ETN, help them to install the app and talk positive about cryptos in general. Ask the shop if they teak ETN, be noticed in the local environment, be a twitter by speaking directly to people. Put the ETN logo on your Facebook so people know you’re a ETN user, be creative and don’t wait fore the company to do all for you, we are investors and we care.

“Happy Days”


U saids it all, it’s a matter of making this project a success by helping in every little way.
Let’s all help and get people on board


We will have too in future big vendor its just matter of time and when we are available too at iOs and have functional cloud mining and trial stage with mobile operators we will succed and go very fast UP :wink:


Could you visualize the lines at Starbucks waiting for TX confirmation. They will need to pop a deal with ETN as they will have the rights to license instant crypto transactions remember we applied for it.