Bad ideas for ETN

How about fixing ETN as a low denomination stable coin?

It’d likely bring higher market cap and liquidity, especially if you can put the reserve in a bank investment account and use the interest to cut down on the already low transaction fees to make it even more attractive for micro transactions.

I’m not sure about the numbers - I don’t have that sort of information…

Just wondering, but would there be a way rather than a transaction fee, to make it so that the users get paid a tiny transaction bonus for a for a total transaction limit based on KYC level?

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Id far rather it be used to run a GBPD currency
Any stable coin needs to be run on some block chain
The benefit would be that its based in the UK, within UK legal Jurisdiction and owned but a UK resident
To be honest its why i started with ETN in the first place.



Make 1 ETN worth 1 Penny, and advertise it as the digital rebirth of the Penny. Let people trade in pennies at convenience stores for ETN

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Cool idea. But i hope each coin is worth more than 1 penny soon. At least back to ath