Available balance is 0

Hi everyone, I bought in at ICO in 2017. Just logged back in again now and see my wallet balance has the correct amount, but available balance is 0. Am I missing something? Send support email but been 2 days now without any response.


Have you done all the KYC stuff? Is the app updated? Just log onto the website and then go to settings and profile and check that you need to send in your documents for KYC.


Hey there @user13137 Mulder is correct, those are things to check on first.

Also in regards to your ticket this is the latest overall status on ticket times.

There are a few delays at the moment due to the new FCA regulations and increased ETN demand. The team is doubling it’s support staff to cater for the increase - but I cannot advise you of the exact times - normally it’s 10 working days

Wallet is likely just updating since it’s been a long time since you logged in as well.


I see. I havent done KYC yet, I’ll work on those. Thank you for replying!



You’re most welcome!

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