Automatic Payout Delay On Miner

It been more than 24 hours since Electroneum Fork but their are some payout issues with Miner.
There has been numerous complains all over social media regarding the payout delay issues by Miners and this is really distrubing.
I urge Team Electroneum to fix this ASAP!

I just received mine today without problem.

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Good for you!
Alot of miners are still complaining
we can’t use yours alone to judge 53 complain

Mine was fine as well


Of Course I understand your frustration. You should open support ticket an resolve it there.

Mine paid out at 101.2…

So alls well…


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Mine paid out yesterday at 111.67 after the fork, no problems


The ETN are already working on it and Some of the members who complained earlier and mow giving good comment about it