Australian Bitcoin Exchanges Shut Down



This is an interesting development to another article I posted on Australian Bitcoin ATMs.
Someone did mention it was somewhat “shady”.
Enjoy the followup.


You need to have self control if you make a large sum. Btc millionaire selling crack? Wow.


Not a good look for our young tennis star either.
Nor the similarity in names.


What a waste… why do btc make lots of cash then screw it up


Greed @Plankton.
Dealing with substances and cash in those amounts tends to be associated with the “underworld”.
A viscious cycle is formed and for various reasons it becomes difficult to “detach”.
I imagine there’s far more to this story yet to unfold.


Probably …

All that it will do is further the goal to get decentralized coins centralized…

Not sure is thats correct spelling . Just woke up and thats what my phone says it is. Lol


Its a sad story - maybe he got in a bit too deep before the crash if he was predicting $100,000/btc and wanted to keep the lavish lifestyle :frowning:


I think you may be right.


Ouch, those on here who’ll end up really rich need to take note of the on-going maintenance costs!!

Maybe the trick is to trade in for a new one each year so you don’t have to foot the servicing bill :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’d just get a taxi everywhere, simpler.