ASIC Miners - you can still use your ASIC's to earn ETN

Asic Miner owners - you can still EARN ETN
Pools mines ASIC Friendly ALT Coins
All payments in ETN
Our pool will BUY ETN to pay miners - not dump it

Follow this Setup


WORKER = ETN Address(dot)8000000
Password = Blank

Pool URL for stats:


bad actors could still just dump the etn once they get it, though…is there a way to prevent this?

Not to worry buddy.

That pool is not mining ETN directly as you can see right here.

And if its true… then let it be :joy:
1.1 ETN every 9 Hours

I am assuming some other coin is mined and pool maintainer pays out in Electroneum.

After a little more digging here,… So I was correct

  2. Click on any found blocks
  3. This is where we endup, Dero coin.

The pool is a bit miss leading,… should at least try to be straight forward and let people know they will be mining another coin and that pool will be paying them Electroneum out of their pocket, or by simply swaping the mined Dero for Electroneum to pay you,…

To answer your questions - FYI i run the pool. This was put together very quickly out of demand from loyal ETN ASIC miners who now have H/W sitting around. The pool software need upgrading and mods - it will look like when its finished - which details whats going on. The pool mines DERO and pays miners directly in ETN. We sell the DERO and have to go to an exchange and BUY the ETN (so we are actually doing the reverse - dumping ALT and creating buy orders for ETN. Also the Stats on the web front end are not correct until the pool software is modified, the LAST reward is actually the DERO coins paid (not ETN), so tjis equates to around 220 ETN per block. Miners who have joined the Telegram post have all the details - we are upfront and they know exactly whats going on. New pool software will go live Mon/Tue next week.


We actually sell the DERO we mine and actually BUY ETN - so we are creating BUY demand. Big farms will be blocked. The farms don’t need this pool - They have already moved on.


Oh and to answer the highlight of 9hrs - pool is less than 24 hours old, with only a few ASICs, the more ASIC that join the more frequent the rewards.


@Crypto_Kangaroo Is good, as long as everyone knows thats how the process goes :slight_smile: Id say by me thats totally fine,… I cant say how the higher power agrees, but It seems by now it should be fine.

It makes absolutely no difference what the so called “Higher Power” thinks.
Miners will mine alts’ and sell them on exchanges to buy ETN no matter what.
This pool project simply takes away that complicated thing known as trading on the markets for the majority of miners that either don’t have time or are new to mining.
I’ve been paid over 50,000etn mining with this pool with a simple rx580 rig… That’s more than I ever mined when Electroneum was mineable. Fact
Both the asic pool and the GPU pools are simply just a tool to help people who want to earn more ETN do so with as much ease and simplicity as possible. In a safe and honest environment… Each and every one of us in the thorshammer telegram chat has contributed to the project with testing, hash, suggestions and support. It’s been put together as a community project for the ETN mining community.
It’s :100:…