Are you still buying Electroneum? Where?

I can’t get enough Electroneum. But my bank account is not in agreement. Still have to buy food and pay bills.
Coinbase is having issues with my “buy” options. Disabled.
Where are you buying Electroneum as an American on an exchange? For that matter, where do you buy Bitcoin when coinbase is not working?

Download the Square Cash app. You fund your Cash account with money and then buy bitcoin.

Coinbase app appears to be fine, and buying option is available.

Coinbase is your best bet buying crypto in my opinion. I do not use Coinbase app to purchase, however I deposit money from bank directly into Coinbase Pro as the fees are incredibly low via Coinbase Pro. Although this can take up to 7 days to complete.

If you use Coinbase app or Coinbase (the normal version) there will be a fee for purchasing crypto, withdrawing crypto and making trades. If you did purchase via Coinbase app, you can go to Coinbase Pro, login with same credentials as Coinbase, and deposit purchased crypto from Coinbase into Coinbase Pro then make a withdrawal at no cost.

Coinbase Pro: No fiat deposit fee unless bank charges you. No margin trading fee, unless you are trading hundreds of Bitcoins a day. No withdrawal fee.


Coinbase: Purchase fees. Trading Fees. Withdrawal Fees.


My problem with is I started with just a regular coinbase account and at the time was trying to make it my business investment account with I also have a personal account with the same bank and I added my personal banking debit credit card for quick purchases. I wanted to add my bank account from my personal to this account as well but it would not let me.

After a few phone calls to coinbase they told me I need to sign up with a coinbase Prime account as a business and they began the onboarding process to make sure I was a legitimate Corporation.

The same account for business that I was using on my first account is the account that I’m trying to set up for my business account on coinbase prime. when I activated my business bank account by confirming the two amounts that were deposited into my account from coinbase prime it added the account to coinbase Prime but now my coinbase Prime and my accounts are both shut off for the buy function.

Sounds like you need to contact Coinbase again to resolve whatever issues are left, unfortunately.

If you are in United States, taking advantage of Coinbase Pro no fees is a huge advantage. I have not tried other ways to buy Bitcoin as I found this the easiest and the cheapest route possible for United States citizens.

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I use the abra app. Convenient, cheap, and fast.

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