Apply to Delta 'Portfolio app' new feature called "Delta Direct"

Delta has got a new update 3 days ago which include a great new feature called “Delta Direct

People who don’t know, “Delta” is a portfolio app just like “Blockfolio” let you track your portfolio and crypto market in general with much good looking interface (much better than “Blockfolio” for me)

The new “Delta Direct” feature let users get push updates regularly & directly from Coin Projects Teams
They let the team connect their Blog via RSS ,Medium, Twitter channels and Steemit. Sending custom & personalised Direct messages & updates .
And it’s all easy to setup as Delta team say …

I think it will be great to join “Delta Direct” and let every users interested in Electroneum to get instant and fast updates from the team via Delta App

Important to say that Delta has 1M+ downloads in Google Play Store & 750K+ active users
We can reach more people with that …

Let me know your thoughts , guys :slight_smile:

I love Delta. Not sure that Delta Direct is available for ETN though.

Yeah … It’s a great portfolio app … I use it more than Blockfolio
ETN is not yet available on “Delta Direct”
Electroneum team has to apply by themselves to get ETN available on “Delta Direct”
It will be awesome to get instant notifications about the news … when a new partnership announced or something