App is doing heavy task


if i leave phone on night with app on, in the morning i get app doing heavy task and miner dont work . How i fix this?


I had that a few times a while back, probably just a bug in the app. I thought it was android system warning. Not sure. But there is the option to raise a support ticket, just to see what the etn team says about it…


Is it same as this :point_right: Problem With ETN App? @3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7


Not sure if this could help, but: try to unistall and reinstall the app…


No, mine is working mimize but after a time i get app doing heavy task and i need to open again app.


Mine used to say this a lot previously. But somewhere along the line it stopped using that particular message. Perhaps an update will help.

And even if it says it’s doing heavy tasks, I think it’s just a term used by the first programmers which only serves to indicates that the phone is mining in the background. It’s not harmful for your phone.


Did you make sure, all your other apps are closed and it’s only the ETN miner app that is running on the background?

Try doing an android scan to see if you have any malware or virus on your phone.


I think the Cloudmining they are working on will probably solve a lot of problems because they will also work on the app and the way it stays open Richard talked about it in an interview with allabouttech on youtube as far as i can remember. :thinking: