a social network focused on cryptos


There is this new social network focused on crypto. It is kinda cool and simple to use Nad you can see in real time which crypto are the most discussed and you can see if people sentiment is about buying selling or holding a specific crypto.

I thin kthe electroneum community should colonize this platform :joy:


Thanks for sharing this information.
It’s about time we had some social media focused only on crypto.


Thanks for sharing, @Doctor
I shall take a look!


I joined up.
Looks okay.
Different system, different layout.
Prety cool.


Or we might just stay here and work together with like minded folks.


Or we might reach out and do some marketing!
App.hilo in action.



Well @Doctor
Today we are trending at #2 on
Seems like a good platform to spread the word.
A reward system in place also(its a tokenised platform)… Interesting space for sure.
Good to see others from the forum.


Now with a little support we are the #1 trending coin on apphilo…


Is hilo token on any of the exchanges??


Not sure I shall look it up.
Just bumped us up a notch.

ICO closed 2 weeks ago.


No, Hilo token is not on exchanges yet, but the platform was born like 3 weeks ago. It is still very early beta. Anyway, electroneum is now the number 1 coin, the most discussed! Ah!


Now as you’re aware @RSKNOR when you sign up and at various times they award you coins for doing certain tasks.
Free .

This is "master prophet "
Select 5 differen coins to follow and make your predictions.!
Theres a couple of us from the forum doing this and leaving comments to promote Electroneum.


Thanks, I’m level 5 now :smile:


Haha Great stuff !!
I dont even know what that is!!
Im suppprting anyone on there.
Cheers @RSKNOR