AnyTasks BETA open for applications!

Hello all! You may have spotted it in Richard’s keynote speech from Duabi that AnyTasks BETA is going live next month! Apply to be part of it today:

Already applied …


Joined as a buyer! 20 char


Got any friends or work colleagues that might be interested in buying or selling Tasks? Great opportunity to get them involved at the beta stage and help shape the platform. Get the link over to them!


Email from the team for anyone that missed it:

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been talking about it and building it for a long time…, the Electroneum powered freelance economy platform for the world’s unbanked, is launching in BETA testing this month!

This is different to anything that’s ever come before. Buyers pay with a credit card, and remittance takes place automatically in ETN.

If you’ve had any experience in buying or selling “gigs” or tasks on a freelance economy website, we’d LOVE to have you join our Beta Testing Group where you’ll be helping us place the final touches on the platform before public release.

Your efforts will be helping to shape the futures of MILLIONS of people around the world, whose lives will be positively impacted by this launch.

Apply today:

You can verify the authenticity of this email by checking the above link at our official Twitter and Facebook pages:

Why AnyTasks?

Increasingly, more of us around the world are selling online, be it on eBay, Fiverr, Etsy, or the like. In excess of $200 Billion is spent each year within the freelance economy, providing many with the ability to earn their own living. Yet, without access to a bank account, this remains an impossibility for hundreds of MILLIONS of people across the world. We’re changing that! People in emerging markets can earn as little as $3 per day on average. Imagine if we could give these people access to an online marketplace, where they could sell a single digital task for more than their average daily wage. AnyTasks will provide people that opportunity.

We’re also launching TaskSchool in Q1 of 2020 to enable users to learn simple skills they can sell via their smartphone, while we take them on a journey of learning and selling, increasing their skills and earning potential, whilst giving them a sales outlet at AnyTasks.

We’re changing the world, and we’d really appreciate you taking a little of your valuable time to be part of shaping it.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Richard Ells


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I’m looking forward to buying original artwork through the AnyTasks site. Wood carvings, metalwork, oil on canvas, bespoke artwork made from an uploaded photo at a fraction of the UK price allowing both customer and seller total financial satisfaction. Once this beast gets rolling financial inclusion will be irrefutable.

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