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I am an author with ten storybooks and counting to my name. My books presently sell on Amazon, and

To further promote electroneum, I am of the opinion that an ebooks section should be created and added to the app just like A place where lovers of literature can visit to either buy a fascinating ebook or put theirs out on sale. The ebook market is a booming one, especially in a time like this that we are all indoors. There is no month I don’t record sales or download/buy a book to read. If at Electroneum we can make this happen, I am sure that we would be bringing a global community of literature lovers to the party.

Good idea.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community…



@Plankton @ETNCEO @Chris_ETN

This idea will not only bring a new army of literature lovers to Electroneum, it will also help to make thousands of educational books available to areas where they are not accessible or easily accessible.

I also look forward to the day I can opt for ETN payments on platforms like and amazon when I sell my books.

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