Anyone Else Feeling Electroneum Energy?


It’s Monday I wanna Know If you’re Feeling the Electroneum energy I think something big will be announced today, within the week an the month.
Let hear you say Electroneum Energy.


im you all the way bro…I have a great feeling about this…i belive in ETN 100%


They’ve been working away all summer preparing to get all the pieces up and running. It’s going to be fantastic to see it all execute :slight_smile:


Well, the team is busy testing the latest few tweaks to the Instant Payments System as we speak - after which the beta system will go live.

That, for one, will probably be the biggest moment thus far in the history of ETN.


I now have 240v a/c of raw electroneums running through my nipples, I’m so pumped for everything ETN!


What Electroneum is doing is ground break and setting the stage for an incredible future. I also encourage people not be discouraged if we see no increase in price and possibly a dip in price. The instant payment system is coming out at one of the worst times in the history of Alt coin market. Please do not expect anything currently to stop the massive trend down in price we are having no matter how earth changing it is. I know lots of people look at price as a sign of health for the coin and that could not be further from the truth. We will moon one day but understand that no matter how many awesome things ETN does it is going to be extremely hard for us to see any price gains in this bear market!


I follow a lot of coins, and this is by far my favorite. I love their updates and the energy is building. Mass adoption takes time they are using this time to continue with spreading the ETN vibe. A strong community helps! Go ETN GO !!!


As your name implies @Thunder so is everyone going to hear about Electroneum


I have many work people already involved in ETN so yes Thunder is on it and spreading the word