Altcoins Coming to Bakkt Contracts

Found this latest article On the Bakkt opening…
Now Planned 24January 2019.
Other communities are writing to Bakkt to be listed.
@BegaMutex may help in this regard?

Nice, thanks for sharing this


Its a bit bigger than just us applying for this one.
Youll note Ive summoned the mighty @BegaMutex
For this number!!


That’s exciting stuff!! Thanks for posting. That would be another great opportunity for ETN :nerd_face:


Great thing about Bakkt is these are Physical Contracts
They have to buy up for these if they havent already done so.

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Let’s hope Electroneum get’s on Bakkt eventually. Of all the coins out there I’d venture to say it has perhaps a better shot than most long term due to the fact it’s going the regulated route and still the only KYC/AML compliant coin there is. I think that would immediately stand out to Bakkt and surely they’d read up on Electroneum and see it’s seeking mass adoption and going about it the right way and what a great fit it’d be on their service.

A coin like Electroneum would be a wise choice for them since they need cryptos that are following international regulations and can build real trust with the masses in addition to having a real world use case which of course ETN has and soon that is going to grow significantly.


I totally agree.
Electroneum has a lot in its favour compared to most others Ive seen in the marketplace.
We should be in a far more attractive position in marketcap when they launch too.
Not to mention that Patent is counting down also.!


You’re right, the patent is a big deal too and I feel confident that it will be fully issued soon enough. Bakkt I am positive would see that and the instant payment system as a really fantastic product. Also not to mention they’d see that eventually the IPS would be able to be licensed out to other cryptos which is huge and benefits the entire crypto space.

Also the once they do license out the instant payment system it’ll bring a ton of brand recognition.


We got the application in on 14 april so twelve months roughly from that date Is patent or no patent according to my research (English Law).
Im seriously wondering about a shortage of coins.
Scarcity …the word sort of makes me tingle a little.
Recognition…household name…everyone has a mobile phone.


That’s alright with me, I don’t like to toss out numbers but ETN is setup to hold some serious value as well as mass adopt. I think it can do better than even most here think it can long term. I have no doubt about it at all especially once the infrastructure is all laid out and complete.

Once these things are done we’ll really see what can happen with ETN.

  • IOS App Complete

  • Cloud Mining

  • Completely new infrastructure slated for Q1 2019 to go from handling 20 million users to 200 million +

  • KYC fully sorted out, this one I think will be all set soon.

  • Patent fully issued of course since we’re just talking about this one.

I think once that little list is done well the we can still do great, but those things to me in particular will really open the flood gates of progress for Electroneum. Exciting times ahead!