All expert panelists admit institutions are not buying into crypto due to non KYC/AML coins/tokens. They missed ETN!

The entire expert panel of bitcoinist and economists scratching their heads and arguing with each other in regards to the legitimacy of crypto with the economist slamming crypto as a big scam due to no regulation , it begs the question if these idiots did their research they would find a coin that is KYC and regulatory compliant amids a sea of non compliance (( ETN )) and is prepped for institutions to buy into it without fear !!! But due to them being so fixated on BTC they have taken their eye off the ball !!

Its amazing the Economist says ,business is based on fintech that no crypto is adhering too , the more i hear these experts and bitcoin maximalists the more you realise how special ETN is , Richard really is a genius he second guessed all these people and made ETN parallel to both fintech and crypto. Wow i feel like im part of a community that has a secret weapon that hasnt been shown to the world yet !!

Amazingly also the economist ends up talking about how billions of people are using micro transactions using mpaiza alipay wechat etc , gosh ETN is soooooo ripe to conqueror crypto !

I cant wait when ETN blows away these guys

yes it s true every step of etn has huge goals but we cant realize them full

very dishonest response , if you cant see the leaps and bounds ETN has made in its instant payment system vendor api and kyc so that big institutions and busiesses will feel comfortable to work with them , EXACTLY the point the economist said crypto isnt doing ,and ( ETN ) is doing and with the gig economy website and much more then im afraid your very short sighted

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no brither you didnt understand what i meant haha i am trying to explain it better i said that every step of the etn has huge goals of course, but they are more deep than we think!

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ahh sorry miss understanding

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no problem dear, it was my false