Age restriction

A suggestion for Electroneum team. @ETNCEO @chris.gorman @Rach
Is there any possibility of reviewing your policy of the 18+ age restriction? I would really love to open a type of savings account for my son so he could mine and access his coins when he is 18.

Ill chime in on this too if you dont mind @Cosmicrypto

Anyone should be able to buy /save cryptocurrency

If we are to move forward lets say into gaming industry cryptocurrency in general is going to miss out big time . Fortnite is a great example.

Also on the ios download page it says 4+

In no way am i fudding i just agree with cosmic , i have 2 kids both over 10 , they want etn they love this idea ( dads told them all about it )
It would get them into investing rather than spending and what a way to invest or as cosmic said a savings account in etn…