Advertising in October!


For those who havent gotten the email yet, just came to me a few minutes ago, the long awaited advertising for ETN is scheduled to begin next month (according to the email). Get ready hodlers! I dont usually get into price predictions but this is an exception. Remember how much hype there was revolving ETN this time last year? Regardless of any other complaints, ETN team has never been bad at ADVERTISING. Once they start posting ads for ETN in various countries, im sure a significant price increase isnt too far behind. (Theyve made the app easy enough to acquire for mass adoption, then they dutifully complied with KYC in order to satisfy global regulation. Now all they have to do is open the flood gates.) Anyone with more block chain knowledge than myself, have any thoughts on where the price can go from here? Now that advertising is set to begin?


This’s good question you have raised.


i have also read the email and the content are really amazing… this coming month will surely start to move the masses :sunglasses:


Thank you. I think if the tech had been there last year during the initial launch then we’d all be sitting in much better positions today. However, now that the tech is ready, I honestly believe that Richard Ell’s marketing experience will now kick in to return that user demand and faith in the project we lost over the past year. Things could get very interesting pretty soon. I just hope the stars align a decent bull run during the time which ETN begins its marketing campaign.


I agree completely. First, ive been trying to contain my excitement at this most recent email. Holding through all that FUD has been a chore but the strongest hands never sell. Especially at a loss and especially not ETN in this current stage of development. I’d consider selling now a personal mistake. Second, the bandwagon full of masses like results. We’re here bc we take chances but most people prefer a perfect product before theyll invest. With an API and easily downloaded app, theyll come around. Not to mention those mobile customers who are going to be delivered via MVNO


When i saw this news on telegram today i was so happy because at first marketing would start in 2019 and now its already starting so closely there is a bright future coming for ETN and the price will prove that soon enough :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket:


With BAKKT going live in Nov this year and financial instutions and hedge funds itching to get into bitcoin with their trillions of dollars via a safe regulated platform, I think the stars may well align nicely very soon. Thats unless everyone decides to sell all their altcoins to buy bitcoin…


If history dictates anything, the Bitcoin pump will be followed very swiftly by a roaring Altcoin pump.


Yes, and this time ETN team will follow up the altcoin boost with an intensive marketing campaign. If timed correctly, this could cause a big move in price.


I did not get the email. can you share it? its October …when are they advertising ?


Am so excited i can’t keep calm, just can’t wait for marketing/adverts to begin.


I think we just need to be careful to not get carried away to much with regards to marketing. The marketing that Richard is referring to is to attract vendors and global partners to accept ETN. As far as Im aware it’s not to get more people to buy ETN, as that wouldn’t make much sense right now when were trying to get big partners onboard.


Just watched the latest video interview and, glad to say, the marketing should begin soon. Also, sms marketing will definitely deliver new users to the etn economy.


This looks weird, but I trust its on trend. :thinking::sunglasses:


That supposed to be all ? is this a big advertising campaign ? If this is it and all then looks pathetic, somebody said that the team is an expert in this field, but very hard to see this.


Of course that isn’t it! Relax…Your toxicity is showing.


No I just calling things by their right names and that is big difference.


Depends on the targeted audience I guess.
The image is funny though, it looks good. :sunglasses:


I’m just glad its started. Every marketing technique won’t resonate with everyone. The important thing is that people are seeing it.