Adapting my website to take ETN

Hi I’ve been waiting for this gig eccomeny site in hope to get someone more skilled to adapt my site to include taking etn.
At present I have a basic info template site and take orders via email then take Paypal or bank transfer.
Happy to offer 50% discount if paying in ETN that way customers that haven’t even heard of Etn may go to effort to buying some just for discount as would save £60 on an annual sub.
Site is
Anyone able to do these adaptions as cheap as possible I can pay fiat or Etn


@5474db48b475fcce265d I’m really sorry my friend,

I need to community ban this post !

There is a lot of scammers on the Internet and your service is FLAGGED as a potential scam, just by using 5% of my 47 years old Brain.

Do you really provide a 12 months subscription of Satellite television access???

Please prove me wrong :+1:

Not that I need to prove self but I don’t like being called a scammer so here’s my UK company registration details


Well, IMO you do have to prove yourself :wink:
I’m still flagging you as a SCAMMER Mr. Ross
I could be wrong Mr. Ross, but I’m sorry brother, you’re still a scammer in my world…
Please take some action Mr. @MSystem
a Professor is not able to ban obvious scammers in this community anymore

I’m still a scammer in your world?
What does that even mean?

Why would I wanna take action?

I’ve told u I’ll leave it I’m currently taking Paypal and credit cards just fine on my website

Mentioning “crypto” to customers with a mindset like yours would only put them off so I’ll stick to more established payment methods


I didn’t even know I was replying in thread I was replying to email. The team is welcome to check my wallet. My holdings the fact I’m level 3 Kyc along with all my friends and family that have put in… so yes please let’s keep this public and let REAL staff check if I’m legit as getting called a scammer by community members after I supply proof is un called for and u should be banned instantly

by the looks of it, you are an actually a legit etn-owner (who would have guessed?) I (we) welcome you to the ETN community
I’m really sorry bud, but you know security paranoia is very strong among us all

Wouldn’t wanna be part of this forum with people like u tbh. I’ll always support the project I have from ico and put in over £30k so have a heavy interest in it doing well. But won’t post in forums where nobody’s are given these “professor” titles and try and cause trouble for other members. Ram the forum :+1:

LOL, Professors are a pain in the bottom watching your every steps…

could you please ask an administrator @MSystem to change your name to something we could remember

This fell into spam.

Is iptv .

If u have a firestick or andriod box I can set u up a free trial now. It’s not a scam and I hold a few million etn so why would I scam on my account and get it frozen .

Ur 47 year old brain is wrong but it’s ok keep it down I won’t bother with etn it was only an attempt to boost user numbers as like I say with my holding it’s on my interest.

Never mind

I don’t know why messages going out of sync the last message is the first I sent I thought replying to email. I don’t care about @msystem changing my name as i won’t be posting in here but I wouldn’t mind him confirming I’m genuine

Hi. As far as i’m aware he is not a scam, and i would suggest in future that you message a moderator if you are worried someone is a scammer.


OK, @Rach np :heart: I did flag this post politely 7 days ago (I’m sorry, feeling like a bad hyper-sensitive boy by now :smile:)

Well said Rachael real staff can easily check my info but the whole debate is useless as decided against taking etn as payments purely due to comments like his from people that don’t understand crypto will call me a scammer when mention etn. I just think he’s let his powerful roll go to his head. I’ll continue to follow on Facebook and twitter but this forum is pointless

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I’m really sorry @5474db48b475fcce265d

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Hello ETN Community,

I am glad you were all able to sort things out. @5474db48b475fcce265d as you know this community is very protective of everything ETN related. @RSKNOR did not mean to insult you or to call you a “scammer” things got a little over heated and I see he has since apologized to you. I also see @Rach has confirmed few things for everyone and I hope that at the end of the day you can shake hands and be happy to be part of something this big.

I know I had been AWOL last few weeks, working hard around the clock. You all will be happy to hear that there are great many things coming to ETN. Looking forward to the 2019 and what it will bring. May this festive season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.

Merry Christmas!



I agree, @5474db48b475fcce265d i do support your effort (I have been an idiot, sorry)
You know, I even mis-pissed on the ETN miner support-group a few days ago, turned out they are nothing like nero, and now I’m their number Top 7. GPU/CPU ETN miner…


Please don’t let this bad interaction put you off this place. I’m sorry for @RSKNOR he was out of line.

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