About my etn online Wallet problem

i updated my electroneum mining app this 27 of September then on my wallet says…
we’ll be back soon…

i read some topics regarding this and someone replied it will last 30 mins. to show up or clear cache by pressing ctrl+f5… so i did the instruction but nothing happens, this is my 2nd day and my wallet didn’t show up yet, how long it will be activated again to see my etn, about mining there’s no problem, thnx for reply etn admin…

Im also concerned about this. I thought it would last a few hours, but it’s been almost 2 days now…

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Mine says something different says that transactional system is down but I think they are fixing bugs

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yeah I still have my wallet showing that error as well transactional system is down - no biggie - mining is working anyway . Just wait and see.


All the online wallets are being upgraded after Electroneum released a fix for a bug in the blockchain wallet software, which was only discovered a few days ago (search for Monero Bruning bug).

Electroneum’s lead blockchain developer, André Patta, just posted a statement on reddit about it. Wallets should be back online later today: https://www.reddit.com/r/Electroneum/comments/9jgkih/comment/e6rxzvy


Rest easy. Expanded on below, from André Patta:

  1. Successfully fixing exchange wallets

  2. Electroneum’s wallets online soon

  3. Important Notes: Status of Your Balance and Transactions

  4. Successfully fixing exchange wallets

After already having the fix prepared, and to ensure ETN trading activity could be resumed as fast as possible, we worked intensively together with exchanges to have them prioritized. Fortunately, most exchanges were extremely receptive; not only expressing a good understanding of the situation, but also providing good cooperation and support. In fact, Electroneum was the first Cryptonote coin to get out of maintenance at Cryptopia within just a few hours after we released the patch in our GitHub page. (It is worth noting that, by the time of this post, ETN is still the only CN coin online at their service). Other exchanges such as KuCoin and CoinBene were also very productive and ETN wallets were back online in just a few hours of work as well!

  1. Electroneum’s wallets online soon

Now that the vast majority of exchanges have updated to the latest Electroneum software, we started working to update our own wallet system (both web & mobile). The process of updating our internal system is quite similar to the process the exchanges took, but should take a little longer due to the amount of wallet servers we have to update. (Yes, we have several wallet nodes to handle our 2M+ users and way more to come!)

We are pleased to report the upgrade process is already running and is expected to finish soon. While we now finish the update to our wallet system we kindly ask for your patience.

  1. Important Notes: Status of Your Balance and Transactions

Please Note: Your full balance might not appear correctly during this maintenance period as wallets are being rescanned on the blockchain. This is perfectly normal during this time and will be corrected when the maintnance completes.

Also of importance: No transactions have been lost, including the ones sent from an exchange to our web/mobile wallet while in maintenance. Thank you again. We’ll be up and running soon.


Give it some time. They are working on improving the wallet and making it safer for everyone.

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thanks to all of you my online wallet is back now

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