A video showing our POS System Integrated With ETN Instant Payment!


Hi All,
This video quickly shows how we can perform sales transactions and accept ETN with our POS system. This is by no means a professional recording. I just wanted to let you know how things got going.


If useful, I can follow with another video showing a real transaction accepting ETN at one of our clients’ retail stores.

I have some feedback that I would like to discuss with you and I will include it in a coming topic.
Overall, the experience was very nice and the integration went smoothly!

Mohamed Afifi


Very Nice Video ! - Job Well Done




I Like you have done a great job. Happy days


This is really cool to see thanks for sharing, so when you say this system is used in real stores is this actually going to be implemented anywhere or just abit of fun?


Very nicely done @MohamedAfifi. That looks and works fantastic. :+1:


Thanks a lot, glad you like it.
I mean this point of sale software is currently running at hundreds of stores. The pictures at the beginning of the video are from real retailers using it.
Only the ETN integration part is new.
Did I answer your question?


Sorry unless I missed it in the video Im asking if these stores will be accepting ETN or was you just proving a concept on a demo system?


I got your question. This is just a proof of concept of course plus I will be demonstrating it to several of our retailer clients.
We still have a relatively long way to go I think before retailers will accept ETN.


I thought that was the case just checking :thinking::grinning:


Seeing as you have a $300 receipt printer in your home office and having access to code in a widely used POS, I would assume that you are connected to the retail business in some form?

I really enjoyed watching this video because it gives us a taste of what is coming, ETN accepted in physical stores, not just online.

Great job, and thanks for sharing.

In addition, if people have their phone ready and able to use fingerprint or facial scan to authorise payment instead of pin code, this payment process will be swift.


Thank you very much. And yes, I am the main developer of this application and have been working as a retail software provider for many years!
Can’t wait to see ETN being accepted at physical stores!


Very cool, and can’t wait to see it in a live environment :grinning:


This looks good, thank you MohamedAfifi!


Love the video! Amazing just how smooth and easy that was to pay in ETN!


Hi @MohamedAfifi This video is amazing! It is amazingly seamless and the transactions gets completed very quickly - faster than some visa card machines.

Thank you for integrating this and making this video.

Will you be making the code available publicly? If so, please get in touch with me. I’d like to write a guide on Electroneum101 with instructions on how to implement this on ISS powered machines.


this is very impressive! is it really as easy as richard says it is to implement?


Nice video. I think it would be a good idea to also explain how the exchange rate is being made with the payment system. Many thanks.


Thanks, Thanks, Thanks more people like YOU. You are our HERO :heart:


Absolutely brilliant! Great video and obviously excellent work to lead up to it! Big THANK YOU! :+1::+1:


Mohammed, this is absolutely awesome. Tell us — was the API that ETN provided you good? As a software developer yourself, you obviously were able to integrate ETN into your software seamlessly.