12 Step Fomo Group ...... for Recovering from FOMO

This is for those suffering from FOMO beyond anything they could imagine! Do not fear I am here to help!!!

Here are the 12 steps! (Of course these are all rubbish and for entertainment purposes only, Tanwax you are welcome :slight_smile: )

Yes this was created specifically for @Tanwax but of course I am sure these widely regarded FOMO techniques will be used by the entire community for years to come!

Please add your feedback to how well the steps worked for you.

  1. When the onset of Fomo kicks in, place your head between your knees, breathe in slowly, and close your eyes, the feeling shall pass!

  2. Immediately call a friend not suffering from FOMO and allow them the opportunity to talk you out of it by reminiscing about the good ole days. If the good ole days also included feelings of Fomo talk to another friend!

  3. In extreme cases of Fomo approach your significant other and tell them you require chores to keep you busy. This worked for me as I am currently in the middle of a three year doing chore term with no Fomo in sight!

  4. DO a crossword puzzle for no other reason then they suck and are good to take your mind off of any Fomo. Stay away from financial crosswords though as that could increase your Fomo!

  5. Eat Ice Cream. Everyone likes Ice Cream not everyone likes Fomo!

  6. Make a project for your kid. If you have no kids then for your pet. If you have no kids or pets re-read #4

  7. Play naked twister with someone you like. That should eliminate all Fomo thoughts for about one hour. Should the Fomo be really bad then increase the dosage of twister to five naked people. This should help!

  8. Write a short story about a random topic that has nothing to do with Fomo. Think about what you can offer the reader and how they will benefit from it. A cooking recipe is an excellent idea. If you are still fatigued from extended bouts of Fomo, write slowly, this should help!

  9. Gather stuffed toy squirrels, keeping in mind each one must be different from the previous one. This mission is so incredibly difficult that it could banish your Fomo for weeks and in some rare cases it has left Fomo behind for years.

  10. Melt down three ETN tokens, this will spite your feelings of Fomo add sour cream, some parsley and a hint of chipolte powder then rub your anti Fomo cream in. This should hold off all thoughts of Fomo.

  11. Buy any ETN product and wear it, this way when the suffering of Fomo is at it’s peak, you can hang on to your purchased product happily knowing you may be the only one that owns it.

  12. Like a common cold Fomo has different strains. This virus should you have it can be given to someone else ridding you of being the host of the disease and allowing the recipient to then become contagious with Fomo. This is an extreme measure and should only be done in desperate situations. Do not pass it on to kids, pets or grandma.

Should you get it again at a later date repeat the list in reverse and you should be fine!

@Tanwax Here you go buddy. It will be okay. Lol


Someone just got fomo on Kucoin!!! Snapped up 174 sats to 177 sats :slight_smile: hehe

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Yeah I think we will see more of that coming down the pipe shortly…


Yeah was amazing it went down to 171 given Electroneum is so far on top of everything for MWC.

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Hahahhahaha well done , love it rofl


Thanks @Thunder
Brilliant as always!!
Im in hysterics reading this!
I knew this one was coming…
It should be pinned to the fomo moonwalk club!!
Quality Writing



Thanks @Thunder, I needed that. Letting the wife read it now. Cheers!

Edit: She says #3 is the best one, of course lol


@Thunder :joy::rofl::joy: brilliant. Wonderful!!


@Thunder I did the above and am currently in relapse so I have FOMO again.
I may need more people in the group for it to work.


Either that or a “Tanwax Special 24 step FoMo recovery plan”.


It dosn’t work I did the 12 twice. I think it will need more members to join to be effective.


Im hearing you.
Ill throw out a couple more invites.
See whether I can muster some constructive jovialism.
@MSystem is usually quite well equipped for these sorts of tricky situations.
I know @chris.gorman has probably got it near as bad as you but hes trying to keep it under wraps.
@BegaMutex just cant hide his enthusiasm either but Im certain he and @Deleted_Account will join forces and empathize with you and your “Condition”


A this point I am afraid it is hopeless. I believe my last resort will be I wind up being a castaway on @Cosmicrypto and @Annastasia ETN Island.