Just an an Idea to aid user number on community forum

I think a lot of people are worried that they have to put in their password and pin the log into forum which obviously can be use to unlock the mobile wallet. Would it be possible to change the log in process so only password is needed?

yea this is true i also feel the same way. Although i think the Team assume anybody with a large amount have there coins on a paper wallet.

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Any amount stolen is too much…

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Millions i have at my offline wallet and at online only a litle amout :smiley: :smiley: (just joking) dont worry - after last update maybe we can have optional 2FA better than PIN code - something like Google Authentificator or scan fingerprint for those who are afraid :wink:

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completely agree. google authenticator is the way to go. having to use all our wallet log in details seems open to possible log in details being stolen. to be honest i would like to store private key/access codes on my trezor. its yet to be integrated. monero is close to being intergrated on the trezor model T which is a step closer…but i have the older version!


although thinking about it now, perhaps the team are confident through the consultation of hacker one.

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Totally Agree! Especially with some people Introducing themselves on the forum, with Real names, picture of themselves in their profile and their age etc. It is a security breach waiting to happen imo.
Access to this forum should be done by unique username and password not affiliated to your ETN wallet. OR only accessible by a redirect link once you are logged into your ETN wallet and secured by some sort of 2 stage Authentication system.

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Hello, I wish to move some coin to my offline wallet but I don’t know anything about the offline wallet… Please can you put me through

well said…i agree totally…!

You can learn about cli wallet here Basic Electroneum CLI Wallet Guide with Remote Node method and how to use basic functions to operate wallet.

Offline Paper Wallet generator can be found here: https://downloads.electroneum.com/offline_paper_electroneum_walletV1.6.html

Note: You are able to check transactions of your paper wallet by visiting Electroneum Block Explorer which can be found here https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/

Block explorer guide can be found here: Guide to the block explorer

update: i was just reading that we moved away from the monero block chain in may and using are own. must keep up more diligently! does anyone know how many etn needed to run a node?

I think you need to do more reading. Etn is a POW blockchain and not POS so you can have 0 etn.

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always room for more research. thanks for your answer though

Yeah this is a big security concern. They forum should have a different login and password. When opening a ticket you’re allowed any password so it wil be great it we can follow that system.

For me its easy access and this is what i need. I dont need to create for everything new account and remember all nicknames and passwords. have everywhere the same password like password is the best to get stolen your coins - but some people want it… so we just have joined to this for get more people get involved to talk here and create the BEST community EVER :heart:

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