How to import Electroneum from Paper Wallet to Online or Mobile Wallet


Using the Electroneum Mobile App

  1. Launch the Electroneum Mobile Wallet on your phone and login.

  2. Move to the Wallet tab at the bottom.

  3. Tap on Receive button.

  4. Tap on Import ETN From Offline Wallet button.

  5. Now enter your paper wallet’s public address. The easiest way to do this is to scan the QR code. Tap on Scan Public Wallet QR Code and use the camera on the next screen to scan the QR code on your paper wallet under the heading Public Wallet.

  6. The app will insert the public address and move to the next step where you need to enter your paper wallet’s public view key. Click on Scan Private View Key QR Code. Repeat the process as above, scanning the QR code on your paper wallet under the Private View heading (you can even scan it upside down).

  7. You’ll need to provide your paper wallet’s Private Spend key. Tap on Scan Private Spend Key QR Code, and repeat the process to scan the QR code on your paper wallet under the Private Spend heading.

  8. Review the details of your transfer and click on Confirm and Import to start the import process. Note that the entire contents of your offline wallet will now be imported into your online wallet.

  9. Click on Return to Wallet. You’ll be able to see the transaction on the list marked as Pending.

Using the Electroneum Online Wallet Manager

Note that you will need a webcam in order for this to work or type public address and private keys.

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Once in the Wallet Manager, click on the blue Import from Offline Wallet button located on the right side under total balance.

  3. Provide the public wallet address of your offline wallet. You can type it into the box provided, the easiest way is to scan it with your webcam, click on the Scan QR Code button if you have a webcam.

  4. Google Chrome might ask you if you’d like to allow the website to use your camera. Click Allow.

  5. Choose the correct camera from the drop-down list. Then hold your paper wallet up to the webcam, making sure the QR code under the Public Wallet heading is shown. Make sure the entire QR code is visible in the view box provided.

  6. Click Next after scan.

  7. You’ll now need to provide the Private View key of your paper wallet. Repeat the process above by clicking Scan QR Code and scanning the QR code under the Private View heading.

  8. Click Next

  9. Repeat the process one last time to scan the Private Spend key on your paper wallet. Click Scan QR Code and scanning the QR code under the Private Spend heading. Click Next.

  10. Review the details of the import and click on Confirm.

  11. Click the blue “Finish” button.

    Your transaction will now be sent to the blockchain and you’ll get a success message.
    You’ll be able to see the transaction in the list, marked as Pending.


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Are there supposed to be pictures in this post none of them are showing for me… or is it just me?

Edit: there showing now :slight_smile: nice guide thanks for sharing



@Danny Very strange, might have to get mods attention, I cant see them either :joy: Might have to create new images. I made an edit to the title, this might have something to do with it, although I didn’t notice missing pictures at first :thinking:

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@Danny Thank you very much! I saw your post and immediately updated guide with new images, in case mods couldn’t retrieve old ones back.

@Pete Thank you bossman, There is no problem receiving individual or exchange payments to your paper wallet. If you need to check transactions of your paper wallet check this guide How to check Electroneum paper (offline) wallet transactions

If someone sends Electroneum to your paper wallet, all they need to do is provide you a transaction ID (TXID) of each time ETN was sent to your paper wallet. Transaction ID (TXID) is safe to share with public.

@RSKNOR Thank you buddy, Im sure your message was image related or similar, thank you :slight_smile:



I am hoping someone can comfort me into not worrying about this…

I imported a offline wallet to my app 3 days ago. Its a VERY large amount of Electroneum coins and according to the app, the transaction is completed, but its not appearing in “available balance” but does show my total amount at the top.

How long will this take to complete and be incldued in my available balance? Also, what makes me worried, is the transaction on the list shows “import from offline wallet 0.00 ETN”

Anyhow, lets hope it fixes itself in a few days.



Does imported paper show inside your total balance and just not in available balance? If so I would not be worried one single bit. I’m not sure how long that will take, you can always raise a ticket here and ask how long it will take because us normal users would not be able to tell you how long, though it shouldn’t take very long.




i made a test paper wallet.
sent a small amount to over.
it was confirmed as sent then.
and i’ve been unable to import.
using the app it failed, not sure y.

any ideas or advice would be good.
as i want to make etn Christmas cards.

Merry Crumbles…



Raise a support ticket here:

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Do I need a txid when sending from web wallet to CLI?



no you don’t need to

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Hmm sent a test amount to a newly created wallet. Had 600 confirmations when I checked the other day. And I see it in CLI as a transfer but days later balance is zero.