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If you could only recommend one video or guy to check what would it be?


There are a lot of them…but, one of my personal favorites is Dan on Crypto Capital Venture youttube channel. He focuses more on Bitcoin and Litecoin and I like the way he charts and explains why he’s charting what he’s charting. But there are A LOT of TA guys on youtube. I watched a ton of them and can’t even remember all the names. Just find one you like that fits your information learning style and subscribe. That’s pretty much what I did…though I still watch just about ever TA video I happen to see just for fun.


The market seems to be slipping…meanwhile, ETN seems to be on an uptick. 50 minutes before the current candle closes…can we stay at 207+ to close above the 50 day moving average? That would be a very nice thing to see:)


I recomend TA with Mitch Ray. All the TA I do mimics his style. He keeps things very simple with using the following techniqes. He’s actually on right now.

  • FIB retracements

  • Lots of channels

  • Divergence

  • Looking for trade entry and exit points with use of stop losses for chart formations

  • Measured moves for taking profit on succesful trades

He does TA daily on his channel and he has very dedicated supporters. Although, he doesn’t have the number of followers that some of the big YouTubers do. He also takes the time to interact with the chat to answer questions. The only negative with him is he can’t chart Electroneum because he only uses TradingView which doesn’t have ETN available for charting.


Calm before the storm? but we will see in which direction…


We’ve definitely broken the downtrend line and gotten above the 50 day moving average on the 4 hour chart. But I would like to see a nice pop up like you would typically see with a trend break before throwing a party. Sideways action after a trend break typically does not bode well for upward movement. We’ll see what happens throughout today. With Sunday and double dip Monday on the horizon, I would be cautious making any big purchases (not financial advice) :slight_smile:


This looks like an accumulation period leading up to the next big news. The exact same thing happened in September leading up to the instant payment Beta release.


Hello, does somebody here know how many coins are being mined by actual blockchain miners? Is there a way to calculate it? Thanks


This is a bit off topic for this thread…but from what I remember (and I could very well be wrong as I have not kept up with mining since they went back to ASICs):

Block time = ~2 minutes on average = 720 blocks/day
Block size = ~9500 ETN

720 x 9500 = 6.84 million ETN/day

There may be another thread more suited to answer/confirm this by people more knowledgeable on the mining aspect. This is a TA thread, not a mining thread but I hope that helps!


ETN comparison 24 hour.



Happy Sunday all. With it being typical down day 1 with Monday being the second, we will see how strong we are along with the rest of the market.

For now, we are just trading along the 50 day moving average on the 4 hour chart showing further consolidation and indecision. We could go either way, but in my humble opinion, we have much bigger upside than down. If you feel like gambling a little, make your decisions accordingly. Happy trading!


This flat to me, indicates a new floor setting, its awaiting btc, and newsflow, the push from here could take us on another higher top. Im really convinced that it will go hard up next run.


Happy double dip Monday folks! Historically the best day of the week to purchase crypto as the market loves to sell off more on Monday than any other day in the week (not financial advice)!

We have def flattened out, but I will go back to an earlier statement that it does scare me that we saw no break up since getting out of the downtrend. Crypto markets to not like to trade sideways. When they do, they typically break down. BTC was a perfect example for a few weeks until the drop from the mid 6k range.

With that said, ETN is a different beast and could very well do something different…but I still don’t like the sideways action, especialy now that we are slightly under the 50 day moving average. The price is going to go one way or another in the not so distant future as that average comes down to meet the strong support line of 202 sats. The main thing I don’t like is riding a support line. The more times you touch support, the weaker it gets. It will not hold forever. So…one way or another we will see a movement soon…I just hope it is in the positive direction. If it breaks the 202 line, expect a fall to the mid 190s to test the former downtrend line for new support.


WE got the break out in BTC so this can be ugly!


Yes it could be. I’m hoping this is just another attempted Monday push down and for a rebound…we’ll see. I have placed my bets either way on a number of projects:)


Im guessing etn lays flat, because btc does the value decrease…


The Macro trend of BTC is pointing to 1250$ and 2500$ so i dont think we are done before we see this numbers. Smart money are buying the red volum candles. the way down and they buy the way up


I am waiting for a lower price in BTC for buying and a quik transfer to ETN


Yes, I’ve gone WAY past what I wanted in ETN, so I’m perfectly happy with what I have. But I am doing exactly that with a couple other projects I like with a heavy emphasis on BitTube. Their airtime extension is going to be gigantic.


I bought in during the ICO period and are now 40X over that I thought was a ok sum to have lol