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On my 4 hour chart, it’s broken the trend line. It looks like a strong sell in the screenshot but that candle is still moving and is now looking pretty weak. But there’s a super strong support line between 0.0064 and 0.0062, it will really struggle to fall below that if my calculations are correct.

Moving up is met with a many resistance lines as well as many support lines so I don’t see it falling or rising drastically (unless there’s a drastic change eg news). I’ve only calculated up to 0.009

Where the green meets the red is my fake “enter the market” point. I’m testing my chart skills to see how accurate my calculations are. I might recalculate and move that enter point again.

It may be too early to say but as I write this, it looks like a small uptrend is forming.


Still in the channel, should test the resistance soon, hopefully we get a breakout above it, but if we are soundly rejected it’ll be another week or two in the channel.


Not a strong rejection at all , possibly a retest is more likely than a downtrend to the support at this point.


Zoomed in view. Nice support at 0.0067


Well my (very amateur) TA has proven to be quite accurate so far. I’ve tested a few small trades now with success.

Right now, on the 4hr chart, it looks like ETN is entering into a strong resistance/support area between 0.0074 and 0.0068 so it will probably hang around there for a bit. Once it breaks through that (in an upwards trend), the next resistance area will be between 0.0083 to 0.0086. It will probably move up through that one quite quickly (not as strong) and make its way to the 1 cent mark (green lines) where it looks like there are some strong Take Profit points.

All this could move up really quickly if there’s any announcements/news. I don’t see it moving down given the current support line, sentiment, latest news and anticipation.

Merry Easter everyone!


Another thing I just noticed- Trading view isn’t showing the news on the chart for ETN. It does for every other chart, why not ETN? That tells me the latest ETN migration, amazing news etc is yet to reach the media.

Imo, once it does, we can chuck these charts out and start again because ETN will go through the roof :zap::sunglasses::zap:


Well it’s temporarily dropped to what I’ve discovered to be another key level I just found at around 0.00678. It’s not support or resistance, just a line that the candles enjoy hanging around for a bit (like your favourite take away coffee place :joy:).

I need to be more thorough with my TA. Live and learn.

EDIT: I think traders are gunning to move down to a couple of buying lines between 0.0065 and 0.064 to buy up but nothing on my chart indicates it’s heading that way. Unless I’ve missed something.

EDIT 2: obviously missed something because I got it wrong today. I guess traders won. Goes to show you shouldn’t listen to amateurs like me :rofl: still I’m not doing too bad with TA in small trades with other tokens. But I guess that’s not hard in a bull market. I’ll keep studying the charts.

EDIT 3: Can someone please post, I can’t post anymore so have to edit to write more here.

Sharing an observation- seems like there’s a crypto attempted price suppression going on or something. The charts aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do. I’m seeing very clear, unambiguous bullish patterns on the charts and it’s going the opposite way. I’ve noticed much more experienced traders are spotting the same patterns so it’s not my inexperience.

It’s happening on nearly all the charts, including BTC. another pattern emerging is a deep drop straight after a bullish pattern, followed by the trajectory the bullish pattern should have taken. This makes me wonder if big money push the price down to they can make more on the ride up? Don’t know, just thought I’d give you a heads up. Even the ETN chart is acting weird.

Maybe it’s the lead up to the halvening (nobody calls it that anymore, I know, I know :joy:)??

Anyway, better times ahead


Unfortunately looks like more of the same.

It’s a story as old as time.

We need more trading volume :confused:

More exchanges.

Honestly assumed ETN would be on more exchanges then the 2 or 3 currently since chain update finalization.


Still in the channel on the monthly, should hit bottom soon and then a move up to test the resistance again in about week or two roughly.


What is the bottom?


Maybe somewhere around .0055


let and see if we break resistance after exchange news…


I’ve cleared my charts and getting ready to start fresh :star_struck::rocket:


Should be interesting!! :rocket:


Small TA update:
Looking at the 4hr chart, we broke the downtrend of the last few days and looking very stable right now. Strong resistance at around 0.0069 but with a bit of media attention and new exchanges, I’m sure we’ll slice right through that resistance. Some good key levels in between to stop it plummeting down to the bottom at around 0.0056.

This was a quick TA and no Fibs which would definitely tell me more.

I’ve been obsessively studying this stuff and my brain is fuzzy :face_with_spiral_eyes: but hopefully I’ll get better at it and will be able to offer more detailed analysis moving forward.

Please if you see anything else in the chart, point it out:


Here’s my TA update: ETN will moon soon haha. In all seriousness, it really is heading in the right direction and it’s just the beginning of this new beginning. I’ve burnt myself out trying to learn how to TA and need a break :sweat_smile:

I did see the .0075 coming on my chart before we broke the .0069 resistance but didn’t want to jump the gun on here so I sat and watched.

Be great to hear more details from other people’s TA


Pretty little bull pendant forming on the one minute chart in Gateio. If it follows through, it should move up to about .0073. No guarantees though :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:
Let gooo :zap: :zap: :zap:

UPDATE: Looks like it failed to follow through. Still, it won’t take much to get there.


Welp… Down 21% in a day.

That’s some serious loss porn.

Did not see this coming…