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Yes, if you want go and look at the dollar a few days prior to 9/11, it reacts before the tragedy, but it was part of the bigger wave count, as if it was bound to happen?

Not really a pattern in ETN yet, this can still be a correction to the downside? If we break 72 level, I would argue that we are in wave 1. (there is some wave count that some consider, me as well, but confirmation lurks at 72?

The bounce will come, whether it was caused by a BTC move, or the launch, doesn’t matter. Wave one, is the only wave that Elliot wave cannot predict. But we look for overall negativity in the market as a point for launch. Also the main reason why I wlll buy wave 3, because it will retrace to Fib 61.8 or 78.6 (fact)

If we brake 72, I will through a bag of money, for sure?
This can also happen, when we break the support line (bottom X) we wil go down. Same for if we break the resistance line (top X) uptrend?


ETN still keeps trying to get back in the pattern.

Lets see if we can break into that important barrier or get rejected and make new all time lows.



What are the chances for etn to go back into the pattern? I have a chance of making a good 15% profit if sell a bit now. I know people dont like selling here but i need the extra cash.

Chances lessen if you sell. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As much as that line keeps getting tested, the chances are high. The bears can only keep it down for so long. They will eventually run out of coins to sell unless they are wash trading at a slight loss to keep price down. That is not economically smart for a long period of time…

Oh well. Have to take profits sooner or later. $400aud in profit. Will buy back later if price goes back down.

Hi, The pattern, chart, is very clear now, btc and even etn, we are back…

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Update on how this is playing out?

If I may, one can ride this channel up and down, or wait for the resistance/support line to break?


No time to wait :wink: i will miss this cheap prices . If BTC return, etn will do the same. The market is to decide and history will repeat. This etn decline was depend on bitcoins decline.
Only my thoughts :slight_smile:

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Well we currently bounce around resistance.
We had 2 failed attempts to break it. The more often a level is tested the more likely it is broken.
I think its more likely we break down though.

Volume is still decent, but not high enough for really big moves.

Wouldnt put a (long/buy) trade before we break resistance at least.

I’ll update once there is something to update :smiley:

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Wonder what happens with price action when and IF (weekly) RSI can come above this heavy resistance
And if the weekly MACD can get continue the bullish trajectory and possibly pass above the bars


Also daily chart
MACD bullcross again which initiated both the previous runups
Daily RSI sitting straight on resistance.


Pretty happy with my TA for the past 2 runups. Pretty straght pin pointed accuracy both for the tops and bottoms.
Looking for more entry points again currently.

*Not financial advice still just doing all this for fun. Take care.

*edit reason erased some unneccesary text


This could be it. Rare to see individual green monthly heikin ashi candles without being followed by many more in BTC. Perhaps some upside towards btc halving. After that a dip before a bigger rally.

It will be interesting to see if ETN can keep the satoshi value if BTC starts going up. Usually untill now it has dropped when BTC is rising but it will be interesting to see if Anytask and other achievements will make a change to this behaviour.


We got another retest of resistance yesterday. So we tested resistance 3 times.
I dont think we will keep testing this area much longer. We either break up or down towards a new low imho.

Anytask at first sight looks not too promising to me.
-> You cant pay with ETN ??? (that one is HUGE)
-> Not that many interesting categories
-> Website was a little slow for me
-> The whole interface of the website is not very inviting imho. I mean they should have offers directly on the front page. Who is typing what they are searching for?. The search bar could be at the top. The main Focus should be on the available offers.
-> The search bar doesnt even have auto complete
-> Looks a little like a fiverr copy

Hopefully they improve anytask. And get ETN as a payment option. That is crucial imho.
Its nice if you can pay with fiat. But there needs to be an ETN payment option.

Where do you see 5 $ commission? 5% comission for the buyer… that I see.

You’re right I take that point back. I just tested a 100$ gig. 5% is totally fine :slight_smile:

“You cant pay with ETN ??? (that one is HUGE)”

That is not huge at all… RE was talking about that… pay in ETN don’t bring a new money in ecosystem…

Just relax is first day of beta-test for more people… they will still do a changes… be happy and look optimistic we was waiting long time for that and now the thing is almost done! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Well an ecosystem where you cant pay in the local currency is kinda odd isnt it ?

Who will want ETN if you cannot even do aynthing with it, but cash it out or change it to BTC.

In my opinion its a big mistake.

What you talking about? That ecosystem is happening already in undevelop countries (top up phones, electricity, shops… etc). Develop countries is not a case for spending ETN right now

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