ETN Mobile miner version 2.6.6

I’m rooting for christmas, but then again who knows…

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Precisely, who knows… Think posititve all the time.

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I am sure the iOS app will catch up real quick within the next two weeks. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the next version for iOS is actually 3.0 with full fledged cloud mining enabled.

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I have done that already

Thanks for the information :+1:


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I updated my miner but still not mining any etn since 12 hours.

Try restarting your phone , then reopening the app…

Also be aware, my phone did not detect needing an update, had to go to Google Play and the Electroneum app to see that it needed an update.

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Same here , I found out through a topic in here …

Your phone does not do automatic updates the moment updates are published. Depending on the model they check at certain intervals. Some models check more frequently than others and it also has other factors involved from whether you are connected via wifi or mobile data (and whatever rules you have in place for those). ETN has no control over how often your phone checks. All they can do is publish updates and the rest is up to your phone checking for updates at the interval times.

New mobile miner version 2.6.6 updated its list of exchanges :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:


You can also ‘force check’ for updates, which I did but still nothing showed, probably issue with my phone or network. Ah well, update complete and mining away!

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All my apps update as soon as I put WiFi on , it’s in the settings… etn however does not update automatically no matter what I try. Not that it’s a problem I always check what is updating anyway. Just strange how it doesn’t do it auto on my s8 .

Just got an email to update my iOS app to 2.6.6 so will give it a go now.

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Oooooo iOS update :grin: hope it comes out of beta soon … Keep us posted please thanks !!

IOS release before or after Christmas? Hmmm… Your guess is good as mine…

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Im gonna guess before Christmas

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Professor @RSKNOR, can you help me how to install and use a CLI wallet? Thank you in advance…

@Corps , @Cuddlesquid made a great wiki here:

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