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Out of likes but ground control hears you loud and clear @Moonman! :heart:

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My understanding is as follows:

The max supply will be 21 Billion or 21,000,000,000 coins on the market once the last coin is mined.

CMC shows a circulating supply of 9,027,197,454 ETN But…

Block 1 has 7 Billion ETN in it for the cloud miner and partner rewards (as Electroneum had a 60% premine of 12.6 Billion coins).

So total mined supply is actually 16,027,197,454 and growing by about 6300 every 2 minutes, and there is in effect a halving of the block reward every year (based on the gradual decline per block). The fork last year doubled the block time and reward.

So that leaves almost 5 billion coins to be mined. Need to get an excel file out to calculate the final coin mined.

@Storm I have thought this they are getting a move on to get the coins out ready for circulation in my opinion!

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It wil be under 8000 in some weeks



No likes but real data bud @PrestoCrypto


The way I see it you have a few choices.

You can trade (Probably bad idea)

You can hold and keep buying cheap Electroneum with whatever fiat you got coming in.

You can Hold what Electroneum youve got so you lose nothing and keep your fiat for a gloomy day.

You can also invest what fiat youve got into moonshots and buy even more cheap Electroneum.

I just fail to see the point in wasting the emotion on other people.
Im busy making 10%…

10% more followers on twitter in 24 hours.
Focussing on building a bigger userbase and awareness for this project and Cryptocurrency on the whole.

Im doing my bit for mass adoption of cryptocurrency,
Crypto is all about community and were really fortunate to have what a lot of projects sadly lack…brotherhood.
Its not for sale.


I completely agree @Pahini

Onwards and upwards

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Agreed although the mass adoption will be people’s real use case senorio here people with the talk time ground floor SA!


Oh…I’m listening to S&M by Metallica now. Totally off topic …but what a masterpiece. :metal::metal::metal:


@wTz1 Listen to Die Antwoord - MoFo! It’s diferent maybe Art

I can FoMo or moonwalk to Metallica or both at the same time…
Metallica tour Norway in July Dammit.
Ill just boogie in my loungeroom



The proper version, no disrespect to Johnny Cash.

There is an emission tail, meaning it will level off at some point. What point remains a mystery because the team havent released the graph showing the curve.

My best guess is it will continue droppig and a noticeable tail will form around 3000 etn per block. But that is just a shot in the dark.

The blockchain will last for many many years, it wo t keep dropping like it currently is and hit 0 within 40yrs maybe more.


To be honest @ColinSTE I’m having too much fun imagining my investment in the future. I know that you are very serious about the whole thing as are others. I don’t have a lot of coins so just enjoy the ride. I do like to see what you serious guys think though. May we all benefit in the future! In the mean time, I’m drinking and being happy! :crazy_face:


Its going to be interesting.
Especially seeing as the rewards vary regionally.

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This shows at most 1000 blocks. The true scope can only be seen on a chart that shows the graph over many years. I have been hunting for over 1yr for the info, but it doesn’t exist.

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Well… it’s been an emotional day.

I progressed through to the rank of Professor (somehow),

spent the morning shaking a bucket for a friend who lost his daughter to lukemkia last year and is running the London Marathon next month on behalf of the hospice that looked after Jess and is still helping them,

Had lunch with a friend and a trip to Ikea and then went to the pub with wifey and little man to reflect on the day.

After all that, ETN is down a little bit and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Wifey is a little bit drunk as am I, my 6-year-old is still up watching Garfield but the world is still turning and my ETN family are all still good :slight_smile:

What’s the worst that can happen??