ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


It gets better if you switch potato with ETN :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats @PrestoCrypto, you deserve it. :+1:


I just explain it to my wife that it’s a type of long term savings account, with a chance to have a much better “interest” return than a traditional account.

She was completely on board once she realized how puny and pathetic traditional interest rates are. All less than 1% here. She’s been saying I needed to contribute more to savings for years…

I did however have to say that I could cash out a portion whenever I wanted to like a traditional account since she didn’t understand that part of it. Yea, that’s not gonna happen lol :smirk:


This is interesting about sprint Nokia and lg :thinking:


Hmm, IME women somehow tends to know when you lie…
I know, You know: It’s a gamble :wink:



You are all invited to The First Annual Electroneum Gala!



Funny thing is, when we were talking about it, we actually went through various accounts adding up all the “interest” we “earned.”

The look on her face was priceless at how puny that number actually was and would be for years. She is the math whiz of the house by far too, but until you actually look at it…


And I’m outta :heart: yet again…


Im definitely at plankton level but loving every second of this . This coin could make us all comfortable if it moons well the possibilities are endless.

My wife said the same i explained she says not interested you deal with it … ( but i want half hahahaha )


Swarming Krills, I just realized, I’m a actually a darn whale at this game :joy:
Goodbye krill world


It’s not lying if you say nothing, and it ain’t a crime if you don’t get caught!


It ok the bend the truth a little as long as you don’t break it!


I just dont tell her ,

2 lambos later … lol


Your wife may be a mod sir. Lol




She isnt daft but tech goes right over her head lol


Well done @PrestoCrypto much deserved mention :sunglasses::+1::nerd_face::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Morning @Cosmicrypto . Have a great day

Goodnight lol


Hehehe goodnight @Plankton :nerd_face::zzz:


Keep swimming against the swarm, I promise you, it will blow your mind :wink:


Plot twist. She is a mod. She too has a secret stash in case you divorce her. :notes:If you like buying the bottom, and and buying more when it dips. :notes: