Zimbabwe financial and banking crisis


The banks in Zimbabwe are hodling on forex especially us dollars. So if you deposit $100 in your bank account for instance, you cannot withdraw it. What you get instead is a government bond that you can trade for goods and services.
What really caught my attention was the use of mobile transactions using talk time bought as pay as you go. You can exchange your talk time for goods and services in local shops. We need to get Zimbabwe on board with electroneum. In my opinion the general public there have first hand experience of using virtual/mobile money and adopting etn if point of entry was made simple e.g through a mobile phone service provider like MTN, Airtel which are Africa’s biggest service providers in that sector it would go viral at an astonishing rate.


I’m pretty sure that this is exactly part of the plan!


If you are in Zimbabwe you should promote ETN and show people and businesses how easy it is to use, help people to set up an account and do the KYC with them. you can be the most famous crypto man in Zimbabwe, the ETN man, the man that did the ETN market in Zimbabwe, i am trying in Norway, so we boat working for the same cause in different parts of the world. Happy days


Hi I wish I was, but I was just passing through while on holiday and encountered this situation. Thanks for replying and we’ll done for spreading the Etn gospel.


I agree with @Satsukeshi Im sure that that is the plan and that they Will work towards including Zimbabwe to help the unbanked there :thinking:


I think Africa as a whole has endless potential! I assume it is a substantial target for ETN. South Africa where I’m from has a lot to benefit from the project. Our Rand weakens daily and should soon hit hyper inflation like Zim did. ETN plays the cards right, at just the right time, and things are gonna get real, real fast :metal: :tumbler_glass:


Can’t wait to see what impact will the 2019 marketing have.
Hopes are in for something huge!


I was there SA a month ago and I realised how the rand was very weak compared to the pound. The same when I was in Namibia but the awareness on bitcoin was u believable there where people on the street making aware.


I for one, am very excited about the prospect of a more stable currency, independent from a failing governments irrational decisions to line it’s own pockets through corruption, and ultimately sink the ship that keeps it afloat.


Electroneum - the world of commerce and trade will never be the same again!