Your wallet may be subject to limitation

What the matter can be? While the support does not answer to my ticket how can i resolve the matter?

Your wallet may be subject to limitation / disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements.

I got “error code 16” while i have many ETN on my account …!!

have you already done kyc?

I can’t while my country is not list at the Yoti and ETN support does not any help me!

you must at least complete level 1 of kyc… go to official etn site… settings–profile–then update your name there
you can visit this thread if you have more inquiries :point_right:KYC faqs

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There is a lot of people who did it even my country wasnt listed(passport only). Completing level 1 doesnt require much of that.

I have level 1. Need to pass 2 n 3!

Ya i did it before. The matter is for 2 n 3! Any way, why they limited my account? Why their support does not say any clear answer even forwarding to here?!

i assume you have 5 or 6 digit of etn in your wallet… for that you will really need kyc lvl 2 or 3 but since you are in country which have difficulty upgrading kyc level then your next choice would be to transfer etn to paper wallet for now…

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You think is it cost that I spend my time for such amount really? :expressionless: The matter is that i “mined” multiple thousands ETN … What a mistake that i did …
Any way, to convert paper wallet to online wallet i need to pass KYC! :confused:

you can just bypass kyc if you can’t do it as of now but you need to learn for the method… much complicated than just simply importing etn to mobile wallet…
paper wallet–cli wallet–exchanges
you won’t need kyc

Ya that was my mistake that i did “trust” Electroneum.

is all your coin locked up now?

Seems yes they are locked for nice KYC.

but i think others can still send and receive amount above 150euro at lvl1 since kyc is still not fully launch… i might be wrong unless they have already implemented it after that 30d period

I see but you must to know if got any problem there is not any real support that can help you to resolve the matter. I mean official ETN support.

KYC has not kicked in yet so it is not that! You must have been breaking the TOS in Some way.

Have you been naughty and mining on dozens of mobile phones? Contact support, nobody can help you here. All i know is that they wouldn’t have locked your account for nothing. And certainly not for KYC because it hasnt been fully implemented yet.

I did not any rules of TOS. I mined with a mining RIG for several months. I know the support must help me but their answer is only redirect me to here! :expressionless:

We haven’t received a legal opinion yet, but we just want to make people in your area aware that your ability to use our wallet may change.

So he isn’t locked out then…

@dadashali why you talking rubbish. Your account isn’t limited.

Switch your mined ETN to a paperwallet if there is legal issues in your country. Or use CLI wallet, problem solved!