Your top three reasons ETN will be successful .... and go!


Here are my three reasons,

  1. Solid leadership with great transparency
  2. Laser focused on mass adoption
  3. Serious awesome community making huge strides to spread the word

I also like the way the coin just looks. I have ordered some to add to my ongoing Electroneum collection.
Have a great day everyone and leave your top three reasons as to why you think ETN is a winning coin!


Leadership is th reason I first got into Etn back in ICO.


I’ll give you one reason: remittances


I can pretty much say its the same things that got me in at the ICO:

a) EASY to use and a working wallet. Registration process is not perfect but its working and easier than most other wallets.
b) Mobile Miner giving everyone free coins.
c) That we can then hodl or spent with the instant payments on many shops (very soon).


vision, hard work, execution.


Trust, hard work and thinking outside the box


Mobile Partnerships/103 million potential users+/Bigger deals in pipeline!/Network Effect
Instant Payments/Mobile Miner
Huge Revenue Opportunities Built off the first two above!!!

  1. CEO with expertise in Software development to solve issues, and marketing genius.

  2. Route to market inline with current shortfalls in a global economy (the people who need it most): Unbanked,Remittances.
    Great read and is 100% inline with Electroneum’s strategy, in depth statistical data here.

  3. The ability to seed free Electroneum around the globe to this new market via the miner app with little to no cost is a huge advantage, giving them an instant bank account where they can enter the Crypto market and buy the 2nd Holy Grail “Bitcoin” which they would otherwise never have the option.


These are my 3 reasons :sunglasses::

  • Mass Marketing
  • Banking the unbanked
  • Can change the world with all of their products in the future


These are mine

  • providing payment solutions to the unbanked
  • decentralized blockchain, with just a centralized way to speed up transactions, atleast thats kinda what I have come to understand about this project someone can correct me if I am wrong
  • and easy mobile wallet that I trust and mines for me at the same time

  • Advantage due to big headstart in untapped market
  • Adaptivity to market demands (Mobile gaming -> Ease of use -> KYC)
  • Community that kicks ass


Technology / Payment Company
Huge User Potential


Sean Davis’s three, baby!