Your own Electroneum television

your own Electroneum television.

  • Other subjects can then also be broadcast. like broadcasting the promotion of NGOs and all other topics.
    too many to mention.

To broadcast your own stream, you’ll need to use a streaming app like OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software, which is free and open-source). If you are using OBS, in the Stream settings set your Service to ‘Custom’, your Server to “rtmp://localhost:1935/stream/”, and make up a Stream Key.

Then set up your Streaming source and click “Start Streaming”. (If you haven’t used OBS Studio before, you can find a quick tutorial here.
This is one of many platforms on which you can put something like this. Just use google for another possibly different platform
Watching via the direct URL requires an HLS stream player like the Chrome extension Native HLS Playback or VLC player.
According to reports, it is possible to implement with a revolutionary two-layer consensus mechanism optimized for video display with the Multi-BFT consensus on the blockchain. Have tested it and it goes super fast with the band width.
And otherwise with a very good server there are also
Any addition and or changes are always welcome

You can also create a playlist. For example to play VLC player. And then cast to your television. You must be on the same WiFi network with your phone as your television.

The link is in here (Press and hold the link for 2 seconds and choose Download) to play Electroneum television live.
The link is valid for a few hours. If it doesn’t work, the link has expired. I can repair this link remotely. So you can use the same link again

If the player list has been downloaded to your phone, it will likely be in your phone download folder. press this file for 2 seconds and you can share it with your vlc player.
It is a bit of practice but it is everywhere with it when it is new

Okay the coming days will fill the playlist with some short movies. Now active in Beta

This is an example to show what the possibilities are.

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Taskschool ?
It would be a nice addition for task school for instructional videos to learn.

Generating advertising income by showing advertisements on television.

Another possibility?
And make a video of your company and the possibility to add it to the ethneverywhere website.
For example, the video might look like this, a helion logo, a gigblast corporate video, and the qrcode addition of anytask user.
Add all that up to 1 movie in mp4.
And then add this video to ethneverywhere.
People can see what the work of the company is for clarity. If people want to have the work done on their car, for example, they only have to scan the QR code and can then navigate to the company with the navigation of the phone.

It may also be an option to download a downloadable qrcode with contact details on ethneverywhere. (Maybe I should have created a new topic for this?)

For AnyTask television broadcast it looks like this AnyTask television

  • Do you have a task on Anytask and do you want your video to appear on this broadcast?
    Then make a video and a text and let me know.
    It is free for now…

  • Watching a broadcast is just a little easier than searching the internet.
    You can also promote with interested companies, institutions or people by showing this broadcast.

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This is a great Idea. I like it a lot, this will open doors for many opportunities. Thanks for sharing.

Yes indeed.
It also applies to all online retailers. This way you can think of even more categories.
The main thing is to make this idea known.
The more people know how the idea comes into its own better.
If necessary I create a new channel.
for example Webshop Television
Make videos of your products from your webshop and have them broadcast.
Viewers can then buy your products by scanning the qr code,

This idea is so great.
I invite other serious companies to look at this idea

Imagine 5 percent of all online retailers who have the video made on AnyTask. And will accept ETN in their store.
Don’t you want to know what growth this will mean for Electroneum?
Maybe a collaboration Electroneum ??

Soon we will go a step further.
Is the sun shining and would you like to spend a day at a campsite? Which can! The phenomenon of day camping exists in certain countries. You can then spend a day at the campsite in beautiful places in those countries.
In this way, countless providers of campsites for several paid days can also offer themselves for your holiday.
Of course you want to know the navigation address, which is handy.
we are going to put this here in the coming days.

What do you need.
VLC player
navigation on your phone
and a qr code scanner.
I have had a paid version of this free version for years
QR & Barcode Scanner of gamma play

Other QR code scanners may also work.
Have a try then.

camping link is here Camping television
You can immediately call, Send email and navigate with the campsite.
I leave the further marketing to the team.
Contact this campsite and tell who you are and what you are.
4 million users worldwide and in the U.K … users.
Your goal is to add this campsite to everywhere to connect.
You can also try to get your logo on their site.
You can also add this link of the film to everywhere.and also on the camping site.
As a reward you can possibly give a gift voucher from anytask.

This was it for the time being with adding items to this thread.

With PC : Watching via the direct URL requires an HLS stream player like the Chrome extension Native HLS Playback
Phone: just click on the link

live stream

Just broadcast live stream ETN Everywhere.
It was fun to take a tour of the world of electroneum

VLC Player:

This url changes per broadcast !
Live uitzending

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Hopefully the explanation is a bit clear?
I can post more free streams here, but don’t think that’s the point.
Maybe I will make a (login) website with these free streams.
It was nice to give this explanation.


Yes, you can also make an explanation video (on twitter) on how to buy a task for each job. On AnyTask.
And place it in the electroneum app under a nice button. (.m3u8)


You can play it to click the button.
From the electroneum app

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