You can buy my music with ETN!

after much fiddling and scratching of the head I’ve finally got it working. Thankyou to ETN commerce for their help ( and indeed to 123-reg for going above and beyond to get my php stuff working ).

I’m not an expert and I managed to stumble my way through and get it working.

have a look! :slight_smile:

I’m so chuffed!!! :slight_smile:

Good work. Glad you got it working… Nice to see.

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Congrats—great stuff!

If you’d like I’d be happy to include you in our Business Directory over at the ETN_A Library… (Not to be confused with the yet to come “official” business directory!)

Because the Directory is hooked up to Google’s API I would just need a physical address for you, the rest I think is up on your website… Or even easier: you could submit your details here!

Either way: :+1::+1:!


yes of course will do thankyou :slight_smile:

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Wow this is so cool! - and another massive thankyou to ETN Commerce for the help.

I’ve had to move from the server I was on because PHP support wasn’t so good there but it’s all running great now.

I’ve also setup a 10% coupon to celebrate 1 year of ETN! - simply enter DRETN1YR into the coupon field on check out :slight_smile: - (valid til the end of the year)