You can buy my music with ETN!


after much fiddling and scratching of the head I’ve finally got it working. Thankyou to ETN commerce for their help ( and indeed to 123-reg for going above and beyond to get my php stuff working ).

I’m not an expert and I managed to stumble my way through and get it working.

have a look! :slight_smile:

I’m so chuffed!!! :slight_smile:

Selling my music with ETN?

Good work. Glad you got it working… Nice to see.



Congrats—great stuff!

If you’d like I’d be happy to include you in our Business Directory over at the ETN_A Library… (Not to be confused with the yet to come “official” business directory!)

Because the Directory is hooked up to Google’s API I would just need a physical address for you, the rest I think is up on your website… Or even easier: you could submit your details here!

Either way: :+1::+1:!


yes of course will do thankyou :slight_smile:




Wow this is so cool! - and another massive thankyou to ETN Commerce for the help.

I’ve had to move from the server I was on because PHP support wasn’t so good there but it’s all running great now.

I’ve also setup a 10% coupon to celebrate 1 year of ETN! - simply enter DRETN1YR into the coupon field on check out :slight_smile: - (valid til the end of the year)