YOTI sign-up process video tutorial


Have you send a message to Yoti or to the Electroneum support @2019ETN ?


Thank you I did to ask them but they never respond


Did you send Electroneum support a message also? because i think Yoti might react slow :thinking:


Now I am little confused - I make lvl 1 till 10.10 and than to lvl 2 + 3 need yoti or not? Because @eFiJy says:

and too some people say that is here some verification make double times lvl 2 at yoti and too you want from us some more details put at online wallet… Please clarify for us



I don’t know if they changed it in the meantime, but that’s how it was for me.
So maybe they changed it.

You have to trust ETN’s staff before any other forum member. :slight_smile:


Can some one clarify? Today i dowload yoti … have lvl 1 done what to do next?? register with yoti like in tutorial video?


I sent you a pm I’ll try to walk you threw it :+1: