YOTI sign-up process video tutorial


For those who need a help signing up to Account level 2 to with Yoti. Our ETN team have quick tutorial on how you can sign up using your mobile device and complete our KYC requirements.


Nice Video @ImogenD :blush::+1:


Is it possible to use the Yoti sign in again for the level 2 verification? Ive already done the Yoti sign in for account level 1 some time ago. It would be easier to be accepted for level 2 trough yoti, cause Im stuck with the supporting document that is otherwise necessary.


Level 2 and 3 are made only through my.electroneum.com account.


So after I do my ID does Yoti then send that to ETN to update the KYC in the ETN app?


That is correct @Mulder when you scan it then it will automatically change at the site and you can continue with level 2 of KYC :wink:


So far I only see level one complete though. I guess it takes a little while to update ETN wallet profile?


Heey @Mulder if you completed level 1 then you finished your Yoti for level 2 you have to upload an adress document as far as i know and fill in some things :wink:


Yeah I think I got it all done but I have no address document per se but can input it manually. It all appears to be complete.I will wait a few days and see if anything shows up in my profile before I follow up with support I think.


Is it saying Pending?


No I don’t see anything. You mean in the ETN wallet profile right?


Yes but when you scanned your code at the wallet in the yoti app did the website change were you could start and fill things in and upload a document?:thinking:


wait now i see it - bloody hell how many times do I have to scan this stupid code


now its pending. but I think I uploaded the wrong document and I can’t go back to fix it yet haha

This process is retarded. Looks like its almost done anyway - thanks for the assist


You are welcome @Mulder if it doesn’t get approved you prolly can upload it again :wink:


yeah I think they need bank statement or something with address. I will just wait for them to reject it and then upload the right one…


Yeah you need something with address however you can also upload a bank statement with address on there and upload the same one at level 3 then you completed that one instantly also :wink:


My driver’s license is still being reviewed after uploading it 15 hours ago. When I tried to do it again it says “We’re already reviewing the license you sent us. Nice work.” I figure they have a lot going on right now with folks getting verified, so hopefully it’ll be assessed by tom.


It can take a while @a9c6382b63d08fb778a6 and its also the weekends :wink: it will be reviewed as fast as possible :blush:


I’ve been tried 10 times all they ask is my phone and my Gmail and then never respond back to me?