Yoti Refused Troubles, they suggests "crossing your fingers..."


“Our tech team are working to make sure we have these templates in the app to allow us to accept a wider range of ID documents. Fingers crossed this will happen … soon” is the reply of a Yoti Support Staff member.

So to those of us having Yoti refuse our I.D. documentation - it seems we should cross our fingers in the hope that at some point in the future our unworthy form of I.D. will be acceptable on their system.

Without going into excessive detail, my own refused I.D. is a E.U. Member State Government issued Driving License, with all required information, including Name, Address, Photo, D.o.B… It is valid in date, in perfect condition and was photographed perfectly.

The reason for Yoti’s refusal isn’t a matter of my having aged 7 years on my I.D.s photo, and it’s not because the document is questionable.

The reason it is refused as stated in the above snippet of conversation, is because Yoti’s completely undynamic system is not configured to read my document, a form of I.D. held by millions of people in my country.

What is worse, Yoti’s system is so unfit for purpose that they have no “manual human approval” system in place to have a human verify obviously valid documents.

So until the great Yoti Overseer is configured to accept your refused Government issued I.D., perhaps do as Yoti suggest and just “cross your fingers”.

How did Electroneum choose such a terribly unfit for purpose identity verification company in Yoti?

p.s. I see a lot of people on digital media harassing people having trouble with Yoti, who are clearly frustrated.

Remember, these people are the same as you, hoping for ETN to succeed.

If you are inclined to further add to their hassle for highlighting Yoti’s unfit for purpose system - keep in mind you too could have been in this “unjustly denied” category.

We need to be united to resolve this, not have it cause us to be divided.

And Electroneum, Richard recently admitted on a YouTube video that he knows KYC is a pain - Electroneum should be hounding Yoti into bringing their system up to a minimum required standard.


ummm. yeah…but they did say their tech team was working on it.

Maybe try to think of it this way…

You are a trailblazer for those in your country who may one day follow in your ETN footsteps. Your immense personal sacrifices and cooperation with Yoti during this time of difficult transition will one day allow a much smoother process for others.

You can do it!!


My guess is that YOTI was jammed down by the workload and they need to scale up their staff, I think ETN shocks them with the volume. I hope they us the last days as the best they can, hope they can solve it and start to deliver a better services for us.


Remember Richards patriotic statement of "we will leave no-one behind!

You will be okay, don’t panic!

What KYC level are you needing for now? under 50 Euros per month OR above 50 Euros but under 10,000 Euros or Above 10,000 Euros per month ?

Lvl 1 you don’t need to submit any Formal ID just basic name and Country. If you need lvl 2 and Yoti isn’t permitting this, then Delete Yoti altogether and log into your Electroneum web wallet. On the left hand side there is a tab for Identification, there you can upload your Drivers License and complete KYC that way.

Hope this helps.


Not panicking, just felt I needed to highlight the lack of Yoti Support. Plenty will say it was easy for them to set up. I’m just calmly portraying the uglier side many will encounter.

I will need level 3 as it happens.

Colin, Yoti is deleted and uninstalled, however I don’t see an Identification tab on the left (or anywhere in fact) in the web wallet.

What I do see is:
Manage Wallet
Vendor Settings
Offline Paper Wallet
Log Out

I have checked each of these, particularly Settings -> Your Profile… but I don’t appear to have that option.

Might it be a UK only option I wonder?


I wouldn’t have thought so. Lets see if @Rachel can offer any Assistance, as i have seen her reply to posts in the past regarding deleting Yoti and using your web wallet approach


From the FAQ, perhaps the following is what Colin was referring to, but it does require basic Yoti apparently.

Yoti won’t allow me to upload my ID

You need to contact support (support.electroneum.com ) to make sure you can do a basic Yoti. You will need to fill out some basic information on Yoti (after scanning the QR code on my.electroneum), and then upload your ID onto https://my.electroneum.com


Hi, you’ve been changed to a basic Yoti so you’ll need to scan the QR code on your profile on my.electroneum and follow the process.


I’ve tried that and you MUST use Yoti there is no way to get a manual upload otherwise. In order to send anything manually you must use the Yoti QR scanner.


None of this works unfortunately, I followed all this a few times over and nothing changes. Fact is since Yoti doesn’t accept some forms of ID leaves many people stuck trying to get level 2 KYC.

I have repeatedly posted my issues and it’s never addressed by support or on the forum properly. I’ve done basic Yoti 4 times in a row, tried every possible redo in every way and get the same outcome.

I know Richard will release alternative methods I’d presume soon probably prior to the 12th or soon after. But point being WHEN we scan the QR code with the Yoti QR scanner is where we all get stuck.

Upon scanning the QR code on the profile settings of Electroneum I get this.

It also want’s address which you cannot add manually on Yoti here in the U.S. so I am also stuck. My ID is a state identification card also used by anyone who doesn’t have a drivers license. It’s incredibly common in every state to have these.

The process you keep telling people to do doesn’t work for me or many. The above screen shot is what happens when I do scan.

Although now I am just waiting till Richard gives us another method, it’s not overall a big deal I’m super patient and don’t mind waiting at all, but had to again chime in on this subject since I keep seeing the same issue all over.


Can i chime in again and ask if you have used a Desktop PC or Laptop to log into your webwallet? I dont think you get the option appear on a mobile device.