Yoti QR Code Error


Hi all

My address doesn’t get verified. Thus heading to ETN website to scan the Yoti QR code & pressing ALLOW results in an error “Something went wrong!”


Heey @PPpeace i had to wait like 24 hours for it to be updated and then i could scan it on the website if you can’t verify your adress on the yoti app then Its alright to fill it in manualy without verifying your adress on the app when you scan it and share your information it Will send your unverified adress and then the website Will change and you can upload a document on the website to continue the verification :+1: I hope This helps :thinking:


@PHXInvestors I am unable to upload any document as in I can only scan the QR code thus couldn’t go past Level 2 verification. I am not sure what am doing wrong here. By right ETN qr scanning should have accepted me to ALLOW & continue.

Let me wait for a day & retry.

Appreciate your earlier response. Thanks once again.


I have tried waiting for a day and rescanning QR code but results in the same error. Thought of inputting just in case if there are similar cases.



Hi all Yoti has released a new update and it has fixed my issue. I was able to successfully proceed to Level 2 & submit relevant documents.