Yoti Problem 😓 what to do?


This always appear when i was uploading my video and sometimes its say no sound although i use microphone… i’ve tried both with and w/o microphone


How is your internet Connection? because maybe it has a problem with that if it falls away then it most likely doesn’t take it either i think :thinking:


Same thing happened to me the first try.


look at the wifi… very strong connection… i’m the only one connected to it :sweat:


looks like a headphone is plugged in. Maybe the headphone is broken?


no… i tried to record… it work just fine


does the app have permission to use your headphone?


yes it does… ,…


Did you try it without wifi? Sometimes apps on my phone get connectivity after I turn of the wifi and move to cellular.


This makes me wonder how the unbanked will upload this stuff. Mobile data in their countries is very expensive and to upload 3mb videos is a big deal, especially in ereas with poor mobile internet connection.

I think it will be neccessary to have ambassedors in different areas that can help people set this up, its a big ask for illiterate users who just want to earn some free coins. A small effort for free money, but its effort none the less.