Yoti problem of countries not available


After long time talking with yoti support for the countries not available to download the app they say to wait next monthly update so can electroneum team look at with them?


What countries is Yoti not available in? You are from Algeria, yes?


yes from algeria

Le dim. 9 sept. 2018 à 08:56, User electroneum@discoursemail.com a écrit :


Other options will be available for that kind of situations, wait for more details


thank you so much
we will wait and see what hapend because i see from forum and telegram chat price there are some people who have probleme of country not available and adress not apear in the document of some biometric id so look at for this too and yoti must do some urgent update for this


Chris.Gorman posted a pictures of all the country’s that require KYC here and i think Yoti will update country’s not in their app soon enough:


thank you so much for your notice


oh cool so we wil wait just dont forget to tell team of electroneum that the biometric id like passeport or id document have not adress apear there its necessary to know too


For the Czech Republic Yoti does not accept a driving license or id, both documents are international, so I do not understand what is the reason.
So I just want to know if I need to get a new passport (my just expired) or just wait and hope Yoti starts accepting other documents too.