Yoti problem can not open account

My friend send 10 time pictures after electroneum didn’t accept and now yoti another big problem she can not open account they asking electric dept paper or credit card paper they don’t have !! This system bad so bad !!

The company are just following the law in terms of what documents they can accept 2946.

Get your friend to read the KYC Frequently Asked Questions for help. https://community.electroneum.com/t/kyc-and-aml-faqs

If yoti doesn’t work in your country they can raise a support ticket and request yoti be disabled. They will then be able to submit documents directly to the team via the online wallet (my.electroenum.com).

For level 2, they will need to provide official id/documents which verifies the details they entered when registering… i.e. verify they are who they said they are (names/address). If they provided legit information that shouldn’t be a problem.

Level 3 takes it a step further, your wallet has passed the Anti Money Laundering threshold (10k) and you now need to show how you funded it to prove you are not laundering funds for someone else (i.e. details of a job or other source of funds). That one is a little more tough, but also required a lot less often.

Keep in mind tens of thousands of people have completed KYC from all over the world. Just like on exchanges, if you provide a legit document which matches the info you provided, the officer dealing with your case will have no problem promptly accepting your documents.

Last note, if anyone does get their document refused, make sure to carefully read the rejection email as it has reasons included.

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Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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