Yoti no accept mi id the PR

has an email where I can send the id and the information they ask me because I’ve been trying for months but yoti will not let me put anything or the name and I have basic mode and nothing keeps coming out

If you are on basic go to your my.Electroneum account in settings and fill out verification information through your Electroneum account.

I have already asked for it to be put in the basics and it keeps coming out and I put my name and it asks me for the id or passport or license and how much I throw the photo to the license or id tells me error

and if I enter to conficuraciones or in all sides that undo I get it from yoti

Fill out basic information and upload id to https://my.electroneum.com
After verified, use yoti QR code to link Yoti account

Have you filled out information on your Electroneum account now? Can you give an update

I have not been able to do anything yet

of there I do not go out