Yoti must urgently accept the documentation of the Brazilian public. To facilitate KYC and increase Brazilian demand.


Hi! Staff was for me to have posted something earlier … Bad in the company, my time was very much spent today. Well as many here know I am Brazilian I live in Brazil and I was very happy with the news that the eletroneum, is in CoinBene being matched our local foundry currency that the Real (R$) … It is a good news, but the team of electroneum needs and much improve the KYC, for the Brazilian public, pos as I mentioned before to yoti only allows the Brazilians the acceptance of the passport being a document, almost unfeasible the population, they have to adapt urgently the yoti application to accept also the Brazilian identity document and the driver’s license for the acceptance of the public. Otherwise your growth will continue slow and very slow. Here in the country!


i’m sure they’re on the case! :slight_smile: