YOTI & KYC Registration Issues - Contact me


I only log to my electroneum and fill name plus country - Am i have lvl 1 done? and how to make lvl 2 if Yoti support from Czech republic only passport…? And they dont want to add other methods like ID or driver licence and when we can have our language in the APP?


Thank you Rachel, so how much time we have to wait? Only 5 days remain!


Very easy!
U just need to fill in your personal details through my electroneum page.
Yoti is for level 2.
My account is level 1 verified, I did it without yoti.
Then i installed yoti, i added my cellphone number and email, took selfies, chanted some words and finally yoti wanted me to add id and address! But i coud not do the last part. Because yoti does not support Iran passport.


yes I am already registered on Yoti I have validated my phone number and my email but when I go down the qrcode always appears the same message (check your connection) either connected by Wi-Fi or phone data connection

thank you for your understanding


I haven’t been able to complete my Yoti registration,
because for some reason it won’t allow me to take a photo
for them (the green button never goes on to allow the pic
to be taken!)
what do I do now?
will my ETN account be closed come Nov 12th now cause
I didn’t complete the KYC?
should I move my ETN to an exchange now in order to save them because I
can’t complete my Yoti registration?
thanks, Mike


Hello Mike,

Nothing will happen after 12th Nov. Your balance will be there in your account, however to access your coins, you need to verify your account.

With regard to yoti, please try to reinstall the application. If you are still facing the same issue, please use another phone.

Hope this works


Please help me understand your concern.
If you have no connectivity, you will not be able to complete yoti registration



Is it not possible to add your address manually?


It not possible to add address manually.


no my problem is that when I scan the qrcode the application Yoti always gives me the same message (check your connection) to know that I have no connection problem.


OK, thanks for the info…there’s not set time to have to do the verification after Nov 12th, right? it may take me a month or 2 to get a new phone, but I won’t be in any hurry to access my ETN for now…