YOTI & KYC Registration Issues - Contact me


I have been seeing a lot of topics related to yoti & kyc registration issues.

kindly requesting all of you to get in touch with me through this topic to help you with the process. In the event, I am unable to help you here, I shall give you my email address or telegram details to walk you through the process of getting you verified.

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can you help me from Iran to get through yoti app?
Because yoti does not accept my passport.
My passport is like any other passport certified by law and written in English. But yoti doesn’t accept it.
And also for the address to be manually added there is no method to do so through yoti app for national inhabitants of Iran.
And the worst thing is that there is no alternative option to get level 2 verification unless this terrible yoti app.


I hate this yoti issues. On coinbase you only need to show your ID card at video conference with your face to live support member and you get verified up to 10 BTC… I think that we need something like this. Better service like yoti some competitor or live stuff who verified you to highest level. I am still at lvl 1 but have a lot of coins at offline and need lvl 3 but Wait till ETN headquarters come with better solution…


Hello there

First and foremost it would be great if you could put your name on the profile as it would be easy to address you

With regard to Yoti/KYC - May I know if you have got your level 1 verification done?

With regard to yoti not accepting your passport, pls wait until the time yoti accepts your passport. There are others who have mentioned that Indian passports are not accepted which is wrong as I have got mine accepted with yoti.

With yoti - you only need to verify level 1 and for that you don’t need your passport

For level 2 you may share your passport copy with electroneum directly and they would have it verified …

Did you try the above?


Dear ManzAli

I’m from Iran too and have a same problem!
If one of ETN team member answers us, we can show any kind of ID document which they need!
The most important problem is, the team neglect Iranian problem with Yoti.
@BegaMutex @Rachel

It’s not a word which Richard says in the videos that everyone can do KYC and do not be afraid and so on!!!


@ManzAli hi I did just like you said and I got my wallet verified lev 3 but I still seeing Your wallet may be subject to limitation/disruption including permanent or temporary withdrawal of access according to regulatory requirements . ) any thoughts about that it doesn’t make any sense !?


Don’t worry about that…

It’s coz some countries do not fall under the kyc bracket

It’s for those countries. There are no precise details mentioned anywhere About this


I am from Morocco and I want to know if there is another method to check my account except Yoti because they do not accept my documents (national card + driving license) only the passport but I do not have and for the it takes time please help me thank you


You do not need your passport to register with yoti and complete your level 1 verification.
For level 2, you may share your national card or driving license with ETN for verification

Hope this answers your question.


Hello @M_Y

No one is neglecting your concerns raised. You need to be patient with the team as the law in every country is different and they are working hard to sort the matter one after the other.

With regard to registering with yoti, you do not need any documents and for level 1 verification, all you need to do is register with yoti.

For level 2, you can share your valid government issued ID with ETN and they would have it verified.

Hope this helps



Great news dear @ManzAli
So where and how I can send my documents?
By tickets at support.electroneum or email or what?
I an ready to send my passport, utility bill in the name of mine, my bank statement!


Do the following

  1. Register yourself on yoti and manually add your address. Verify your email and your mobile number

  2. Log in to electroneum and go to profile settings and enter your details there and scan the code of yoti

You have successfully completed level 1 verification.

For level 2, you need to upload your documents on the same page of

Hope this works for you


My problem is when I wanna add my address, Yoti wants to add an ID document and at this step, Yoti doesn’t accept my country!


Lemme try doing this on my mobile phone with your country details and shall get back to you.



Many thanks my friend


yes I am already registered in Yoti I validated my email and my phone number is level 1 I think no? for sending my documents to ETN by which address please? thank you very much for guiding me in this operation


Every one has done level 1.
Our problem is level 2 and yoti.
how can I send my passport and address directly to etn team?
They only refer us to this community.
and it is not possible for Iranian to enter their address directly. So it is not possible to upload id directly.


There is no address to send your documents to ETN…

First register yourself with yoti
then log in to my.electroneum.com and click on “Settings” and then go to “Your Profile”

Fill in the details and then scan the qrcode of yoti. Thats when you have done level 1 verification.

For level 2, in the same page under “your profile” you will have option to submit your official ID.

Hope this helps


Hi there,

Could you please walk me through the steps on how you have done your level 1 verification?

Step by step please.



Hi, we are not neglecting Iranian people. We are putting things in place so people from every country can do KYC.