Yoti is not on the App Store


I would like to do the KYC thing but when I go to the App Store Yoti is not listed.

I have tried setting the filters for iPhone only and iPad only - nothing.

I have tried changing from the US based App Store to the UK based App Store - nothing.

Electroneum is UK based isn’t it? How do I get this Yoti app?

Please don’t give me this answer that is at the top of the page in the “KYC and AML FAQs” section:

What do I do if Yoti isn’t available in my country?

You need to go onto https://my.electroneum.com , go to settings, my profile and scan the QR code (or button if you are on a mobile device) with the Yoti app. Yoti will ask you to add basic information, which is uploaded to our system, then you need to upload an ID to our system so our team can verify.

How can I scan the QR code with the Yoti app if I can’t get hold of the Yoti app?


As far as i know they have stated that they are working to get YOTI available in more countries and they are also working on alternative solutions, i could not find that article right now. I can’t give you any other advice then be patient and send a request to ETN support for the correct answer. It is probably just a matter of time before your problem are solved. In the meantime you can use liquid exchange for storing you’re ETN because it is weary safe and they use cold storage if you need to access your ETN before KYC.