YOTI is good but how do I?


I found the section of where I have to submit KYC. YOTI is linked to the app so we don’t have to scan anything and everything can be done mobile. The Only issue is that there’s no way to proof my adress which is a BIG issue. YOTI relies on an idenity provider.(Which one???). My adress cannot be verified by this identity provider. So I’ll be stuck on level 1 because I can’t submit proof of adress even when I do have proof…

The Identification Provider (god knows who it is) Can’t verify my adress because there is no way to verify it. My national ID doesn’t contain an adress and my Drivers license doesn’t contain one. How on earth will they verify it without me uploading a Utility Bill (because they don’t allow me to)?

Can anyone help me?

EDIT: YOTI customer support won’t help you. They make you contact ETN’s customer support for something that should be fixed on THEIR platform. It’s not Electroneum’s fault that YOTI can’t verify a simple adress…

EDIT: YOTI customer support won’t help you


U can send the verification documents by the electroneum site online the team made good update for that .check that


I’m facing the same issue. I can not find an option to upload any verification documents to the my.electroneum website?


Go to setting > profile > and u will see it


There is only an option to scan the QR code from YOTI, nothing else.


Are you reffering to the KYC section?? That’s not the issue. The issue is YOTI not verifying my adress and disallowing proof of adress


YEA u can upload it after u scan the QR code and integrate it with your yoti app > then u can upload your documents


sure >dude the team of ETN solve this problem so when u integrate the yoti app with your ETN account then u can upload the prove of your right documents


If i scan the QR code it brings me to the address verification in YOTI which fails. In the country i live there are no address details on the drivers licence and passport.


indeed u can upload the other documents u have to the site not to your yoti account after u make the voice phone number and email verification just integrate the qr code and u will see the section of upload documents in the etn site


I don’t have desktop acces. YOTI QR is linked to the app. There’s no upload “your proof of adress” button. Nowhere to be found…


I have desktrop access and there is no option to upload documents


@Marc How to link Yoti to Electroneum Mobile Wallet read thıs one it will work


after u made that in my profile page it will be a new section to upload your verification documents


No it does not. Period…

Look at the images above.

I have passed ID and Drivers License but THEIR identification provider is worthless…
They don’t know where I live and will never know it unless I upload proof which they don’t allow me to!


have u connect yoti app with your etn account ?>
mm i can see. in this situation the etn team knows the ip of your activity and they will made document upload page for u as i know just be patience for that


Maybe I should cool off a bit but I’m getting really upset with them… I need to get this over with…

This problem needs to be adressed immediatly…