Yoti How-To Video (no longer applicable)

Hey everyone

If you need to complete Tier 2 KYC, check out this insightful how–to video made by our very own Electroneum team, this video will help you complete Tier 2 KYC on your mobile:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_kRXW-ICmk&t=4s

Remember, you don’t need to complete Tier 2 or Tier 3 unless you hold or transfer more than 150 Euros’ worth of ETN every three months!

Got questions or queries about completing KYC? Let us know below…

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Can Yoti resend the recovery key? Can’t recall I got any, nor they have been send to iCloud or Google drive.
If I need to re-install the app (now or in future), does that directly effect my ETN tier1/2/3 status. In other words; do I need to redo all KYC procedures for Electroneum?

What should we do if we have no passport ID, Driving license ID or Citizen ID for level 2 yoti app verification? How can we be level 2 verified if we have no sich IDs but we have other government issued IDs not accepted by Yoti? Please help in clearly explaining to us who have the same concern. Thank you very much…

My parent ( mum ) has no driving license , no passport and no i.d card and is 70 years old.

She has 3500 etn , at today’s price that’s fine for tier 1 , but what if etn goes to £2 that’s 7 grand in the bank. But it’s not because she can’t spend over 150 euro in 3months . So she doesn’t need it now but in a week’s time she might. What can I do.

I think the 150 euros… over 3 mths is too small of an amount.

Also I done the yoti app and got stuck at i.d documents…

Can I use my yoti to verify her account ( I know that will be a no , but …)

The limits are not picked by the team, they are thresholds based on KYC/AML laws.

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Electroneum is no longer using Yoti for verification services. Please see the KYC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further help on KYC/AML.

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