Yoti Doesn't Accept Some U.S. State ID's


This is just some feedback for the Electroneum team that I’d like to share for upcoming KYC updates.

Currently, Yoti doesn’t accept some forms of U.S. state ID’s. They obviously take a drivers license but not a standard identification card. When I tried to upload it this is what I got back from Yoti.

So, I emailed Yoti after that to see where they stand on the non acceptance of a state ID and this is the response I got in return. So it at least seems it'll be integrated mostly likely soon by them but as you see they said " might " so it isn't certain.

So, then I’ve looked around and several said you could login to your Electroneum wallet go to the profile settings and still scan the Yoti QR code in order to get access to manually upload forms of ID that Yoti doesn’t currently accept. So, I scanned the QR code and got this back as soon as I scanned with the Yoti App.

Due to the fact they don’t accept my form of state ID I was unable to proceed to get any manual options for upload. I’m 100% sure the team is well aware of this, but I just thought I’d add the fact state ID’s at least from where I live in America aren’t accepted currently. I know you need all the feedback you can get to know what’s needed to further improve the KYC process for everyone. So that’s my feedback for the team for the KYC process.


Some other countries weren’t accepted, and they fixed it, so a state from the US should be too, soon.


I agree, I am quite sure it will be doable soon as well, I just wanted to share the experience I had with them not taking my particular state ID. I don’t think it will be long before they have all the various issues with KYC solved. They’ve gotten a lot of feedback since the soft launch began and I know Richard and the team are watching the forum closely to identify issues that come up to fix them.